Plus North Broke Me!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Last weekend I went over to Leeds for Plus North which if you don't know is an event where Plus Size folk get together, chat, speak to brands who sell plus size clothes and generally have a jolly good time. 

I got home on Sunday afternoon feeling knackered, sneezing but amazing. By Monday afternoon which I'd thankfully booked off work I was on my knees and have spent the rest of the week in bed. I had to phone in work sick and until Saturday morning didn't switch on the computer.

Liquids are my friend!
We've been so busy at work I felt so bad for not going in but physically I couldn't do it. I went to the walk in centre on Thursday morning with the intention of going to work after. Thinking they'd tell me I was being over dramatic and say it was just a cold. 

She told me I had a viral infection raging round my body and antibiotics would be useless, If I had tonsils i'd have severe tonsillitis but because they've been removed my body doesn't know what to do with itself and it's bouncing between my ears and chest and can't settle.   I needed sleep, water and told me to phone work there and then and tell them I'd be back on Monday. She also said my blood pressure was through the roof, but decided that it was the adrenaline of coming out to the walk in centre. I've had really erratic sleep and then having the stress of making sure I was awake at 8.30 to ring in work to tell them I wasn't going to be in. 

Waiting for the bus back from the walk in centre
 I took their advice  which was pretty much what i'd been doing all week and slept all day Thursday and most of Friday and by 5pm Friday I felt 100 times better. I knew i felt better as I felt hungry. The only downside was all the sleep caught up with me and I didn't sleep at all on Friday night. I didn't help every time I lie down I get this really fake sounding cough. I finally fell asleep 6am Saturday Morning. I don't think it helped I was home alone. The wind, rain and every little noise my house made had me on edge. I'd say I had a good sleep from 6am - 11am but I'd clearly been sleep walking (scary when home alone) I woke up surrounded by clean washing that my mum had hung out Friday day and i'd brought in and left in the dining room on Friday night. My feet were also dirty so I don't know if i'd been outside or if they'd got dirty when I brought the washing in! I hope the latter. The house was all locked up in the morning so I  think I stayed inside!

5am Friday Night / Saturday Morning wanting sleep
I braved town on Saturday mainly to starve off the cabin fever and to get more pain killers. I bumped into my gran who asked if I was feeling better before I could answer she said you're not well look at your eyes! Thanks gran, glad she didn't see me earlier in the week!

Did you go to Plus North? Did you survive? 

PS I'm in no way blaming Plus North for getting Ill. I'm 99% sure my germs came from my mum!

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  1. I hope you feel loads better soon! x x x

  2. Thank you. I'm feeling a lot lot better than I did last week. I can also finally start the holiday countdown x

  3. thank you lovely. I do feel a lot better today xxx


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