Plus North - Friday

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I think i've finally recovered from this years Plus North and found some time to look through the few pictures I took.

I took 2 cameras and my phone and I took so few pictures and what photo's I did take on the camera's are such bad quality I'm having to use my phone pictures. 

I was going to split this into a number of posts but because it's been a few weeks I think i'm going to do one long post so please bear with me.

I booked a half day from work on the friday and got the train from Manchester Piccadilly over to Leeds. 

Trains make me nervous, I'm always wary I'll miss my stop or not be able to get my luggage and off the train in time. I have never once missed my stop or failed to take my bags so I don't know why it affects me so much. 

I'd been so rubbish before this years Plus North. I didn't make plans to meet up (apart from a meal on friday night) with anyone or what money or clothes to take. I think it might have been because I wasn't modelling or helping out (my own choice) I just didn't think about it. 

A couple of days before I went into full on panic mode but then though, just go! You will know people. You will have a good time and if the worst comes to the worst you have an open return train ticket. You go home. 

I came out of Leeds train station and bumped into Becky. I found out she was staying at my hotel, but she was off to get a new Tattoo. She still had my mobile number from last time and she'd text me later on. 

I know it sounds daft but I instantly felt calmer and KNEW the weekend would be good. I knew I'd speak to people, I knew there would be people who wanted to see me and speak to me as much as I wanted to see them. I don't know if it's because I'm an only child but I do spend a lot of time on my own. I struggle to here and if I don't know someones voice I can't hear them if there is background noise, this makes me feel awkward and antisocial.

Friday Afternoon. 

I knew exactly where my hotel was so how I got lost is beyond me. After a slight detour I checked in to my Hotel Took a Selfie then headed out. 

I'd worked in the morning so I needed something work appropriate and comfy to travel in: 

Top - Zara (really old and now in the bin) 
Jeggins - Sainsburys Size 22 £12
Shoes - Hotter - gifted

I love Leeds as a city, it's not really a fat girls mecca but I love the atmosphere and always feel happy to go there. 

I needed to have some lunch so headed up to Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom which is in The Grand Arcade. 

I've been past it a few times but never had time to pop in. I'm so glad I did it's a little treasure of a place and I could have happily stayed there all afternoon. 

The Meni's are inside album sleeves and all the china is mismatched and adorable. 

They have an enormous array of tea's but I had to go for good old Yorkshire tea. I also went for a chicken and stuffing sandwich from the specials board.

My gran has this stool! I wanted to take more photo's but there were quite a lot of people in there and I didn't want to get strangers in my blog post pictures.

I did have a quick pop round the shops and got a towel and some hair dye. A Life's Big Canvas Hair clip from Our Handmade Collective which is also in The Grand Arcade. 

Friday Night

The very lovely Emma AKA The Smyth had organised a meal for around 25 fats at Cosmo. I knew I needed to be comfy for a buffet restaurant and went for 

Kimono & Necklace - Tesco
Vest - Matalan
Skinny Jeans - Newlook

We were split out over a few tables but was so amazing to be around so many amazing people. There are too many to name individually but what is amazing is how nice everyone is.

Emma had organised a little goodie bag for us all. I realised that I didn't take a picture of everything Em had put together. Sadly in my packing all the components of have been displaced.

The goodie bag had a name sticker, pen to write our name (fab idea), Sweets, Glittery hearts, bubbles. She had also been sent some Silver and Gold Temporary Tattoos and a necklace from Emi Jewellery
I did take a picture of the necklace. It's a bit on the short side for me but They do have lots of other items and I have seen someone with a really cute apple necklace.

The restaurant was a world buffet and there was a lot of different choices but I stuck to the chinese section, it was really nice.  

I ended the night in what's becoming a bit of a Plus North Tradition, Drinks in a travelodge bar!

One day down two to go... I'm still writing up the posts about Saturday and Sunday. I have so much to say but I haven't got the words to type. 

I will get there soon! 

Did you go to Plus North this year? How did you find it? I'd love to know x

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