Primark Haul

Friday, September 19, 2014

After being cooped up in the house ill for a week I went a little shopping crazy when I was finally well enough to go out. 

I don't think I went that crazy in Primark but I did have a couple of trips and spent about £30 over all (Maybe who counts) 

The first time I went I got these two candles. They were only £1.50 each and I've put them on the heart shelves in my room. I will probably never light them. I'm always scared I'll burn the house down! They smell amazing but I can't remember the flavours!

Haribo Goldbears or Golden bears as I always call them. £0.90. These are my all time favourite Haribo confection. I didn't know they were Halal maybe these are special ones. Does anyone know?

A belt. A Size M belt I might add. It's super stretchy elastic and I bought it to go with a maxidress I got from BHS (you might have seen it on instagram) I've also worn it with my jumpsuit. It cost a whole £2

Superhero socks £1.00 Yay socks. What can I say.. just look how marvelous they are.

Gel Pens £1. You know me I love pens

My second trip was an equal success. 

Hair clips £1, just look at how many I got. My hair is almost there for getting up in a pony tail. OK that might be an exaggeration but they were so pretty and these clips will help.

Powder Brush £1.50. I've been using an ELF brush but it isn't soft enough, it isn't soft at all. I really want a real techniques one but can't justify it so I though this might be worth a try and I really like it so far. 

Sunglasses - £2.00 I won't be able to see anything when I wear them but decided I really liked them. they will be ok for posing in on holiday. Who needs to see all the time anyway!

Black Vest - I seem to be going through a black phase clothes wise so decided to get another vest. they only had 18s and I haven't tried it on so it might be a donation to the overflowing wardrobe of la mama

Wired Headband - I know my hair will annoy me on holiday. I thought this was pretty cute and will help keep my hair off my face and neck and who knows I might even look cute wearing it!

Have you been to Primark recently? What did you get?

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  1. I haven't been to Primark in ages! I adore their Wide Feet shoe rang tho! Xx

  2. I went a bit crazy, just buying random stuff. x

  3. I love them. I have my little pony ones as well x


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