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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I popped in to my local Yours clothing store at weekend and they had an extra 20% off sale items so it would have been rude not to take them up on the offer! 

I got a long sleeved stripped top. This is also really long in the body and I could possibly wear it with leggins. 

I also got some denim shorts,  sized up two sizes as it was the only pair they had left and i've been after these for a while. They are knee length. I know the picture makes them look short but it's how I folded them. They are really stretchy denim and while I will have to wear a belt with them, they are not massively big. 

I'm thinking about wearing them for travelling on holiday in and taking or wearing a vest top for when we arrive.

I spend £18.50 and full price it should have been £45. I like that kind of saving!

Have you got any sales bargains recently? 

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  1. I'm off on my hols next week and haven't even started thinking about what to wear on the plane - arghh! Love those denim shorts :-)

  2. I might change my mind. when i tried them on i though they were comfy,

    i'm trying to make a list of things to pack and i need to buy a suitcase.

    where are you going on holiday? x

  3. Off to Fuerteventura next Thursday :-D And I just bought a fab suitcase from Argos less than 2kg in weight and very bright!! There will be a blog post about it soon I think

  4. I love Fuerteventura. I've been three times. where abouts are you going?

    I've reserved the bigger version of this case. I was looking in Matalan today and they are £50


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