Herbal Essences - Breakage Defender Mask

Monday, October 20, 2014

Since coming back from holiday my hair has felt so dry and in need of a good cut. But I don't want to have it cut again as yet. 

I did have it cut in July and I'm hoping to wait until December before I have it cut again. 

I've been using my Old Wives tail hair oil but it doesn't seem to have helped in moisturising it since i've been home. 

I was in pound world and I spotted this Herbal Essence breakage defender hair mask and thought i'd give it a try.

It smells amazing. The flavour says it's pearl, coconut and mango. I don't know what pearls smell like but the coconut and mango really come through. It smells of cocktails and tropical beaches.

You only leave it on for two mins after shampooing and for me it is amazing. The ends of my hair don't feel as dry and I'm confident I can make it to december before having my hair cut again.

I can't find it on Boots website but another mask is about £5 and on amazon it's £15 for three so I think I got myself a pound shop bargain. I don't care it it is really old it's made me hair feel really nice. I'm going to be going back to see if I can get myself another couple.

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