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Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm going on a Hen do at the end of the month and we've been given a list of clothes we have to wear. 

Friday Night: Black dress 
Saturday Day : Black T-shirt and Black trousers (This has now been amended to any trousers we want)
Saturday Night: Fancy Dress

I really don't like wearing all black. I might have to rebel but in order to try and conform a little bit I was looking at my black t-shirts and I have a few vests  but the Saturday is 1st November and I'm sure it will be cold. 

I popped into my local Yours Clothing as they still had a bit of a sale section to see if they had any of the high low over sized tops every one in I know seems to own. 

They didn't but after me and another assistant looked at every plain black top they stocked another shopper said she'd seen some sleeveless high low tops by the till. It wasn't what I wanted then the girl on the till said oh we've just had a delivery and I've seen something plain black. 

She came back with what looked like the plain black high low over sized top, but with a sheer panel down the back. 

I love it. I tried on the 20 and it drowned me. I ended up in the 18 and while it's not quite as over sized as it should be I love it. 

I'm planning on wearing it with either my black and white or black and purple peg leg trousers. 

I'm sure it totally flouts the black t-shirt dress code of the day but I don't care. 

What do you think? I'll be wearing it to make cocktails and I'll be wearing a sash!

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  1. I'm loving the sheer back detail! xx

  2. Hi Steph, Is this for your hen do in York? I live in York & as a heads up, lots of the nicer bars are really NOT very keen on fancy dress! It may be worth planning on where you want to be going & maybe check the bar/door policy. I'm not trying to ruin your fun but I thought you would be better knowing now rather than being stuck in only the "less desirable" pubs & bars! Also maybe worth doin a bit of research to what kind of night you are wanting (nicer bars & pubs tend to be city centre) Micklegate area is more cheap & cheesy. York has some cracking restauants too so maybe worth going on Trip Advisor; We recently got a Cosmo (middle bridge near Yates) which a lot of people rave about, though Ive not been myself. I would say do not bother with Byron burger as it is well over priced & not worth it! York has so many unusual places to eat & drink & is dead easy to get around, everything is basically walking distance (depending on how high your heels are!).

  3. Thank you. I love it. it's a little bit different x

  4. Hi Thanks.

    I did think this but the hen do has been organised by someone else down to the last ounce of detail and this is what she has her heart set on.

    We're going on halloween so we said do fancy dress on the friday and have a nice meal on the saturday but she won't change her mind. the restaurant won't allow fancy dress she has checked.

    The fancy dress element has been off and on again more times that i want to think about so I don't really want to say anything else to the organiser. I got shouted down last time I made a suggestion!

    Friday we're going to Picaliono's all wearing black dresses and looking classy! her words not mine!

    Saturday day we all have to wear black and she's got us some sashes to wear while we go cocktail making.

    fancy dress saturday night. we're not eating out as we get some snacks while cocktail making and then I've got a 50's style dress and petticoat and was going to do a bit of zombie facepaint but if the worst comes to the worst i'm still in a dress i would normally go out in and i'd be happy to wipe the face paint off.

    a couple of the girls going are from york and they are all up for fancy dress so after having a text argument with the hen about getting there i'm giving up and going with the flow. if i end up in a shithhole so be it!!

    At 5pm i was all for telling them i wasn't going then I remembered i've already paid out almost £200 so far so i'm going and it will be fun!!
    (i'm sure we'll have a tale or two to tell!)

  5. Hi Steph, I had forgotten it was halloween! Sure you will be fine then, I just dint want you to get here & struggle! Im sure you will have fun!

  6. thanks for telling me. As you can probably tell I was really stressed last night with it all.

    every suggestion i've made has been shot down in flames. I only know one person going and i've met the hen 3 times! kind of wish i wasn't going now. x

  7. I wasnt trying to be a dick & put you off, York is aces! You will have a great time, I was just trying to give you the heads up (I worked pubs for a loooong time in the city centre) You can always go exploring on your own in the day time.... everything is walkable,loads of quirky independant shops dotted about (give the dog a bone, blossom & walker, look what mum made), some cool vintage shops (bowler vintage, dog & bone, priestlys) all charity shops basically on one street, Loadsa cool places for tea/coffee (perky peacock, fossgate social both epic) Im sorry if Ive put you off x

  8. Oh no I didn't think that at all.

    I love York and I've been a few times. What I meant was I was stressed with all the organisers of the trip & then there is a big kerfuffle about me booking train tickets from the wrong station because I "clearly" misunderstood what was happening and I hate trains so I have my train anxiety two weeks early!

    They have planned certain things down to the minute detail and I know what clothes I'm expected to wear at all times (stuff I hate wearing! )

    Even before I'd seen your comment I was ready for saying I wasnt going!
    I'm just going with the flow now and it might not be my favourite weekend but it can't be any worse than the last hen do I went on!



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