Holiday Empties

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I really enjoyed my empties post at the end of August and decided to keep hold of empties going forward. 

I didn't want to bring back empties from Holiday so I'm slotting in an extra post and maybe I'll leave September empties till the end of October. 

Garnier Mineral Invisible 48 hour antiperspirant

This is a bit of a cheat empty as it was pretty much empty before I went but I stuck it in my hand luggage in case I needed to use it while I was travelling.

I don't really have any real feelings about this. It smells ok, It keeps me feeling fairly fresh. I do like it's pink packaging. 

 Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration - SPF 30

I got this from FABB Beauty event last year and put it to one side. I generally use spray suncreams and wasn't sure if i's like this but I really liked it.

It's two tone one is hydrating and I don't know about the other. It is quite thick as most SPF 30's are but it rubbed in well and a bonus for me I didn't burn or get prickly heat using it!

Babaria Spray Solar - SPF 30

I picked this up for two reasons one it was a spray and I could do my back without asking my friend to do it every two mins and I wasn't ready to move down to a lower factor.

I don't think we can get Babaria over here and it is a Spanish brand. I've used their products before and they make the most amazing foot cream.

This is an aerosol spray and didn't last very long but I would buy it again as it is a nice product.

It sprays on as an oil which was a bit scary but it rubbed in easily and again I didn't burn or get prickly heat.

Hawaiian Tropic Protective - SPF 20

This was given to us my someone going home but wanted to include it as I did use it up. 

It was handy being in a spray and was quite thick even being a spray and SPF 20. 

I did get a small amount of prickly heat after using this, I don't know if it was the product or my application skills. It came up after we'd been out shopping.

Sanctuary Spa Resurface and Refine Ultra Polish

I always take an exfoliator when I go away as I hate the build up of suncreams after a shower. I bought this sample from LIB when I bought a beauty box and I could have done with two of them. 

It's texture it really hard to describe as it's really fine but it's really good without being harsh. I got about 4 applications out this tube. It does say not to use every day but I would have like to have used it in the last couple of days. 

Rituals - Zensation Showergel

I think this was from a beauty box and I'd used it a couple of times before I went away (Just to test it!) I really like it. It comes out as a gel but then foams up. It smells amazing and sadly it ran out 3 days before the end of my holiday. If only I hadn't tested it before I went away. 

Hawaiian Tropic - After Sun

This smells amazing, Limecolada flavour. It's a rich, thick body butter.

It goes on thick but soaks in quickly. I'm thinking about buying another one to use as moisturiser now i'm home. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Day Cream 

I don't want to say Holy Grail product but this is one of my favourite moisturisers. I've got another one in my empties at home and another one on the go.

The do a few versions of this and my mum also uses it. It is also on offer a lot and i've never paid more than £3 a tube.

I initially got it as a go between after using up the Clinique one I'd got in the three step programme. I actually prefer it to the Clinique one.

Cheap and cheerful and for now this is my favourite product.

Rimmel Match Perfect 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter

I really don't like this, I find it hard to control. It's too light to conceal anything and I'm not a massive fan of highlighters. I've mainly been using as an eyelid primer but it feels a bit too heavy for that. 

This wasn't an empty, I cut the end off to see how much was left and i'd say it was half full. 

Eyeko - Mascara Off 

I rarely bother with separate wipes from facewipes but when these were in the LIB Glamour box I decided to take them and I'm really glad I took these. They are really soft and quickly and easily took off my eye makeup. I'm not sure they are something I'd buy to use on a regular basis but I would buy them to take on holiday or if I was going somewhere and I knew i'd be wearing a lot of eye makeup on a regular basis.  

Essence My Skin Wipes

These were a last min purchase as I already had some wipes to take but I decided a bigger pack might be better.

I really like these and will be buying them again. I know a lot of people say wipes are bad for your skin and other stuff but I like wipes. They are handy for using to remove makeup and I usually (Not always, but I try to) wash my face after i've removed my make up. They seemed to get most of  the make up off and they are really cheap Under £2.

There are a couple of other empties I didn't get photo's of

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I had a 30ml sample from the LIM Beauty box and this was the perfect size for a 10 day holiday. I was thinking about buying it but at about £14 for 100ml is it on the expensive side. I've seen someone mention another hot cloth cleanser from Asda NSPA which is £7/150mlThey rated as highly which I want to try. I was in Tesco at the weekend and they had a version. I can't remember the brand but it does say made for tesco on the box which was £5/100ml so I picked one . (Asda have NSPA on 2 for £8)

I haven't tried it yet but if I like it i'll let you know.

Timotei shampoo and conditioner

These were just a cheap shampoo and conditioner I gabbed grabbed from body care. They were OK. Clear shampoo which is my preference and a nice thick conditioner. They left my hair feeling clean but I don't think they will be a regular purchase.

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  1. This is a great idea - I still have some of my holiday empties - I should get organised and do the same. Hope you had a good holiday btw xx

  2. I used to hate reading empties posts but then I started watching them on you tube and thought they are actually a good idea. seeing a product someone actually finishes must be a good sign?! I rarely finish products as I get bored and move in but doing these is making me finish things


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