Lush Haul - October 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

I had a bit of an accident in Lush! I went in for some Snow Fairy and came out £18 lighter!

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Lush. I love the idea of it but haven't really got on with many of the products i've tried in the past.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

This is all I wanted. I fell in love with this last year when I treated myself the the travel size. The girl in the shop was encouraging me to buy a bigger size but I was adamant I only want to try it as I've had a couple of bad reactions to Lush in the past. (It makes me itch and brings out my eczema)

This was amazing and lasted me ages. This year I decided to buy the full size one but at £12 for 500g I couldn't justify it so I got the middle size for £7.50 and decided to get a couple of other bits.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

I've been intrigued by bubble bars for a while. Bath bombs are all very well and nice but bubbles make a bath.

I was a bit worried when breaking this up as it didn't seem to break up at first but after much swirling it all melted and boy did it bubble. I had planned to only use half of this but I did use it all. 

The bath water turned pink and even after and hour my bath was still full of bubbles. 

Magic Wand Bubble Bar

This is a reusable bubble bar. I don't know how many uses to expect but after one it doesn't really seen to have dented it much but I am a bit worried it might fall off the stick! 

This doesn't bubble as much as candy mountain but has the snow fairy scent. In the store I didn't like the smell of it. I find that a lot with Lush products. I don't know if there are too many smells all at once or if they do drastically change when they are in water but I struggle to pick something. 

It also has a real sense of fun about it. 

Butterbear Bath Bomb

I always want bath bombs but I find the ones from Lush seem to have bits in them. I was always that child that had to have their paddle pool emptied if it got even one blade of grass in it.

I also liked the idea of this having cocoa butter at it's centre. Sadly I don't think my bath water was hot enough when I used this as I had lumps of bath bomb stuck to me as I got out of the bath. Luckily I was having a shower to wash my hair so I could get rid of it.

I will be rebuying this little guy to try again as my skin felt amazing.

I'm also please to report no itching after using these and touch wood no sign of eczema so far this autumn.

Do you like Lush? Any recommendations on what else I should try?

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  1. I can't use anything in lush as I react even to their so called skin friendly stuff. Such a shame as I love bath bombs but can't use them. Used to use happy hippy shower gel as a teenager. But my skin has got so sensitive as I've got older.

  2. I some times have reactions to Lush stuff. I used to have really bad eczema and when i'm having a flair up i can't go into the shop but touch wood i've been ok the past 18 months. I love the snow fairy stuff and thought i'd try a couple of other bits. I also think where I go wrong with lush stuff is I save it and a lot of it has short shelf lives.

    i've now used everything i bought and haven't reacted so i'm hoping to try some other stuff. I'm wary about buying stuff with a lot of colour, glitter but i will repurchase the candy mountain bubble bar. it was amazing and i love the smell x

  3. I love their strong smell whenever I walk past their shop but had never try them before! Their products always look so pretty! I should give them a try!

  4. they have some lovely products. Some I really get on with and others I just can't use.

    It's worth going in and speaking to the staff. They all really know their stuff and can help you find things.

    for me the snow fairy limited edition shower gel, to me it smells amazing. it's very sweet but i love it.

    I also like the bubble bars.

    hope you find something you love if you decide to try anything x


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