October 2014 Empties

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It was only when I had to move my empties from the clear bag I usually keep everything in to one of my clear shoe boxes, that I realised just how much I had. 

I also think there were other things that I haven't saved. Just look at these two pictures! I started saving things as soon as I did my first empties post in August then for my September empties I just showed you what I'd used up on Holiday.

These are not going to be in any kind of order so please bear with me. 

Berska Nail Wraps

I love the idea of nail wraps but I've never been able to use them totally successfully. My nails are also quite short and I think they work better with long nails. especially with a lot of them having detail all the way up the wrap. 

These were really simple to apply, it really was as simple as peel and stick. I have three other sets and I'm trying go get my nails to grow a little bit so I can give them a good stab again.

Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream - Oily and Combination skin

I really love this moisturiser, this is the second one i've finished and I have a third on the  go as well as another one in a for dry skin (Winter skin is not happy skin in my world) The only thing I'd say is I wish this had an SPF in it. The dry skin one does and if I hadn't noticed I don't think I would have minded.

I originally got this as a stopgap when I ran out my Clinique, but I don't think I'll be going back any time soon.

It's also almost always on offer somewhere. I don't think I've ever paid more ant £2 a tube and it's RRP is £4.99

Halo - Eye Makeup Remover Pads

These were a bit meh for me, they did the job but there isn't really anything special about them. I also found that they dried up really quickly as the resealable tab isn't very sticky.

I think I got these in a goodie bag but my mum buys them quite often so I could have acquired them from her. For me they aren't something I would look to repurchase but I'd never say never as I think they are relatively inexpensive.

Hair dye

I have dyed my hair twice this month which is not like me as I usually go months between colouring.

A few months ago I accidently bought a dark blonde instead of a light brown and really liked it so I have gradually been going lighter.

My hair is a bit of a reverse ombré which isn't quite what I was going for but I do like my hair being lighter.

The two dyes I've used are Garier Olia and L'oreal ProDiGy Of the two I prefer the Prodigy mainly because it has no smell at all, nothing, nada, zilch. The Olia has a smell. It's a nice none hair dye smell but I liked having no smell. Small things.

They are both thirty minute colours and went on easily. They both also have wide necked bottles and you mix the colour and developer rather than having the developer already in the bottle. The old difference is the Prodigy comes with a spatula to mix the colour before closing it up and  I like the wide neck as you can open and scoop out the product when it won't come out of the lid anymore.

 Johnson's - Cotton buds

By far the best cotton buds for me. I've tried a lot over the years and the Johnson's ones are the softest and nicest to use. I go through one of these tubs every 4-6 weeks. I tend to buy them from the pound shop.

Body Shop - Almond Conditioning Hand Wash and Hand Cream. 

I love this hand wash. I got it last January in a gift set with the handcream below and a nail oil pen and I think it was £16 instead of £20/22 I only went in for the hand cream but it seemed like too good a deal to miss, It's lasted a long time mainly because I went through phases with it and kept putting it away. None of the phases were that I didn't like it but it was that I didn't want to use it all up!

This has to be one of my favourite hand creams. I do think at £10 it's quite expensive but if you can get an offer it's worth thinking about getting. It soaks in well and smells amazing. 

Superdrug Extracts - Uplifting Shampoo and Conditioner

I really liked this combination. I'm not sure it gave me any uplift but it smells lovely and makes me hair feel really clean.

I also feel like i've been able to go longer between washes (I usually have to wash it every day) I've been happy to wash it every other day and a couple of times 2 days with the aid of dry shampoo.

The main reason I bought this was because I was about to run out and I liked the smell (It was also really cheap)

I would repurchase this again but I'm not a loyal shampoo buyer and I have two other ones lined up ready to use now these are used up.

 Herbal Essences - Breakage Defender

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It's not been that long since I told you I'd bought this from the pound shop (Pound World to be precise) Not only does it smell amazing it makes my hair feel like it's it really good condition.

I have already repurchased two more of these. I can't find it on boot's or superdrug websites so I'm not sure if it's been discontinued but I hope not.

I will be looking out for more of this as I really do recommend it.

Garnier - Ultimate Beauty Oil

I'm a bit on the fence about this one. I like how it made my skin feel. The top leaked a bit with each pump of the spray and the smell is lovely but a little bit too strong for me although it does smell really nice.

Batiste - Original

This seems to be better than I remember it being. I always say the original one makes my head itch and it does but no where near as much as it used to. My mum gave me this and she thinks it was in a beauty box. it doesn't seem to be as white powdery either. I do prefer the flavoured batistes. I still haven't got a favourite yet but there are a few new dry shampoo's out recently so I'm hoping to catch some of them on offers and see if I do find something that works better for me.

Lush - Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Magic Wand Bubble Bar

My Love affair with Lush is back in full swing. I'm always wary as i've had bad reactions in the past but these smelt too nice to leave behind.

I prefer candy Mountain out if the two but I liked the reusable  element of Magic Wand. I got 4 uses out of it but it could just as easily be 6. I was really worried it would fall off the stick but it didn't.

I could have got two uses out of Candy Mountain but I decided to be extravagant and use it all in one go.

I will be re-purchasing candy mountain I just need to go in buy that and not look at anything else!

Sure deodorant

I always go for a roll on or a cream deodorant. I also like to get the 48 hour ones. There is nothing amazing about this. I can't say if I will repurchase it or not as I just seem to grab and go and not remember what I've already used.

 Beverly Hills Formula - Perfect White Black

This is another amazing product. I was sent this as a PR sample and I love it. I love it so much I've bought two more boxes. It makes my teeth feel so clean.

It is jet black paste with very fine micro particles to do the whitening effect, as i've said a few times my teeth are dodgy so I don't think I'll see any whitening but the feeling of clean is fantastic.

Zoella Beauty - Fizz Bar

I've really got into having baths since I've got back from Holiday. I went a little crazy with the bath products.

I really like these bath cubes. It says to use one or two cubes per bath. The fizz under the hot tap and then the water stays clear, I do prefer bubbles but my skin feels nice and I've not had the dreaded itch of some bath products.

I don't think I'd repurchase it just for myself but I'd would buy it as a treat or as a gift for someone.

Essence - Kiss Care Love Lipbalm

Have you ever used up a lip balm? I hadn't until this one. It has a very soft texture and does run down quickly but it's really cheap price wise, it is a really lovely. I did get this one as a PR sample but I have repurchased a replacement but in a different flavour as much as this one. It reminds me of fruit salad sweets.

I think next time I go to the Essence concession i'll be picking up another one.

Superdrug - Dead sea purifying clay mask

This is amazing. I've been looking at different clay masks for a while with the intention of buying a tube of it but can't find the perfect one. This is it. it dried well and I have bought three more! they are on three for two at the moment. 

I think you could possibly get two applications from one sachet but I used more or less the full one. It's in a bin bag as it was a bit messy

None Empties

Each month I'm going to try and have a little bit of a clear out, get rid of things that I know don't suit me or that I will never use. I think I did it in the August Empties post and this month is no different. 

I have two for this month and I should have more but I'm a hoarder and can't bare to part with things. 

Rimmel Stay Matte

This has so much potential but just doesn't suit me. It's the wrong colour, It almost leaves a grey sheen on my skin. I did use it quite a bit when I got it but for the last 9 months it's been sat on my shelf being ignored. 

So after trying it again twice this month I've decided to get rid. I've had it about 13 months so if we follow the rules and look at the back it has a 12 months shelf life (does anyone actually follow those guides?) 

Essence - Kajal Pencil

I thought this was a lipliner, but it seems to be an eye pencil?!!?! I've tried to use it as a lip pencil and it doesn't transfer on to my skin so it's time to go. 

And Finally 

Next Door's cat

Ok so this isn't an empty but I had to include him as to take these pictures I'd trapped my scarf between the windows in the dining room and when I took it down he was looking up and he seems to shake his head and roll his eyes as if to say what the heck are you doing!

He does not approve of my blogging methods!

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