OOTD - Getting Shirty with you

Monday, October 27, 2014

Before I went on holiday in September I saw this amazing shirt in Tesco and talked myself out of buying it about three times. I did manage to walk away with out it. 

When I came home from holiday we had a little side trip to tesco and it had been reduced to £10

It was clearly meant to be. I really struggle to wear collars. I never think they sit right on me.

I do love love it. I did size up to a 26, the 24 fitted fine but I always struggle with buttoned items. They always gape, I also wanted it to be a little bit longer to wear with leggins

I've lost the picture of the back of it it's pretty much the same as the front but I wanted to show it to you.

I've had a few bargains from the Tesco sale in the past couple of weeks. I will try and get some pictures together and show them to you]

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  1. I love it when you find a bargain! Especially when it is something you have put off buying!

  2. I rarely buy anything full price. I like bargains but expected this to have flown out. x

  3. I begrudge paying full price for anything! My mum calls me a miser! I just love a bargain!

  4. Me too, it it's meant to be they will reduce it!!!


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