OOTD - I still think it's summer

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I was looking through my posts and noticed it's been a while since I did a simple OOTD post.

This is my going to Tesco for bread, cheese and Lurpak and then spending £70 look. 

Jeggins - Sainsburys. I don't actually like these very much and every time I wear them I think it will be their last outing.

They are more like jeans than jeggins but have an elasticated waistband so it makes them comfy.

They look a bit frumpy and have baggy knees but at the same time I do kind of love them. I just wish they were a bit lighter or a bit darker.

Top - New Look Sale. I got this for holiday but it had been folded up and was really creased so I didn't end up taking it. I hung it up and after 3 weeks It looked ok. I really like the colours and the paisley print.

I like the detail on the back and that the back is a little but longer so it covers my bum.

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