Plus North Saturday

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saturday Morning

I was up early and I headed out to Costa for a brew and water, before meeting Becky to have a look round the shops for an hour or so.

I'd chosen to wear the dress i'd been sent to review from New Look as my Plus North daytime outfit. It's so easy to wear but looks nice. 

I wasn't the only one wearing this dress, I saw at least two other people wearing it. I really don't mind wearing the same as other people. I know some don't like it but I wish we could have got a group picture of us. 

When I say I got ready I also mean I sat on the bed eating smarties for my breakfast! 

The event itself was good fun, I managed to find and speak to loads of people I already know and a couple of new people.

One of the first people I saw was Pesky Chloe who had brought a few badges to give out to people. I did give my badge away to Leah. Chloe was with me when I did it. I reasoned I have quite a few badges that I've bought and loads of other Chloe stuff. Leah lives far away and doesn't get to see Chloe that often and it was nice for her to have it.

The Venue was split out over two floors which meant it wasn't as cramped but sadly they didn't have a lift so it mean a few people couldn't make it upstairs. (This was the landlords issue not the Events)

There was also an issue with the lighting which made it hard to see what was on some of the brands stalls and one brand (Bonprix) had the light on their phone so we could see the items. Sadly this meant I took hardly any photos despite taking two cameras and my phone. Every picture is blurry or foggy or both.

I also manage to bang my head really hard on the bar! No I wasn't drunk I went to sit down on a comfy sofa and didn't realise how close it was the the edge of the bar. I did think I was going to have to go back to the hotel but I recovered after about half an hour. 

I'd only eaten sweets and chocolate all day so when Chloe invited me to Nandos with Laura and Abi I was there in a shot. 

I hadn't had Nandos in so long it was the perfect tonic and involved lots of giggles. It was so nice to sit down with friends and just spend time with them.

I did my usual trick and forgot to get outfit photo's (well I did but I'd split a drink down me by that point so I didn't want to share it) 

My friend gave me this dress and I love it. Its and AX Paris from Simply Be. She didn't like the style on her but I really like it.

Chloe made good use of the complimentary mug when her glass had been cleared away before she'd finished with it.

I found out I know three people who are medically 6 feet tall! :)

Plus North 2014 was a blast. There were issues with the venue and if you went you'll know what I mean, I got chance to see friends, meet people I speak to online and have a jolly good time.

I'm so bad at putting names to faces so apologies to people I met but I have no idea who some of you are, I also made new friends and I'd say roll on next year but there isn't going to be one. 

There are other exciting plans afoot from Style XL (July 15) and The Big Weekender (August 15) More about those in the next couple of weeks. If you can't wait for my posts they both have facebook pages.

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  1. Thank you for my badge! It's on my coffee table. :) I hit my head really hard on the bar too! The whole place was ill thought out, what with the lighting, the lifts, the air con and everything else. It's a shame that the girls' hard work was slightly marred by the surroundings. But I still had loads of fun! x x

  2. Smarties for breakfast sounds like an excellent idea to me! :-)

  3. Yeah. I can only imagine the owner was charm personified until he had the money, then turned into a giant arse on the day. Such a shame the girls hard graft was slightly marred by the surroundings.

    It made me see stars when I hit my head on it too. It was obvious (thinking about it) that putting a sofa underneath a hard surface would result in some heavy knocks to our noggins. x x x

  4. I thought i'd have to go back to the hotel after I hit my head, it really threw me. But i also thought i'd best stay around people just in case!

    I can only imagine what the venue was like. I remember speak to Gemma and Toni and the leeds clothes swap. they'd just been to see it again and were so excited about it. I'd not think it was the same place. oh well onwards an upwards.

    i had a great date otherwise, lots of lovely people and leeds is a great city x


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