September Blogger Gift Swap

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I took part in a blogger gift swap in September organised by Debz via  a Facebook group. 

It's a secret swap but I know who my gift are from as my gifts were delayed but I wasn't too concerned that they were late I was more worried they'd got lost in the post. 

Even if i'd not been told ahead of time I think I would have recognised the hand writing as I've had some post of this person in the past. 

My items came with personalise notes attached which is such a thoughtful touch and my person got me just right. 

Real Techniques Beauty Blender

I've had one of these before and mine split the first time I washed it. I've wanted another one but didn't want to buy one so this is a welcome gift.

 Soap and Glory Minis
I love soap and glory products and the small sizes are perfect for taking away. I'm off to York for the weekend so I think these will be coming with me.


We always used to have Radox bath soak and then we got loads of bath stuff in Xmas sets and stopped buying it. I've never tried this flavour before but it has the unmistakable smell of radox and as I opened it I said to myself (Ok out loud but I was the only one there) "Oh it smells like my dad" I'm assuming this is because le Papa does all the shopping and always picked up blue / purple masculine smelling radox.

Ramer Sponge

I feel like I've had one of these before but I don't know. In the pouch it feels really soft and squidgy. It says it dries hard which I think will be a good thing. I have a bit of a weirdness with sponges and flannels I can't use one that is already wet and cold. even if i re-wet it and warm it up I always feel icky. So knowing this is good to use again when it's firm will be be good for me.

Thank you to my person. I love everything xxx

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