The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I've made no secret that I love this series of beauty boxes. I love that you know exactly what you'll be getting. There can sometimes be an element of surprise in which shade of a product you'll get but over all you decide if you like the majority of it and buy it.

They are also one off purchases so no commitment required.

Like with all boxes you get a card with product details. I never look at these. Maybe I should. I will look next time I buy one.

They also always beautifully wrapped and perfect to give as gifts. The first one I bought was just before last xmas and I got one for me and my mum.

Worms, worms, worms.... If you watch Grav3yard girl on YouTube you'll know what I mean by that!

I must admit I felt a bit underwhelmed when I opened it. I did know what I was getting but initially this was my least favourite box. I think it has a more grown up feel to it (yes I know I'm 33 but I like fun items)

But I have already used a few Items and really like them.

Maybeline Stripped Nudes

I can't remember the colour of this one but it's very brown and dark. (OI've just googled the colours and it is Naked Brown) It doesn't suit me but the texture is nice and but it seems a little bit transparent.

If anyone wants this one give me a shout in the comments and we can sort something out. I have put it on my lips once but if you're not a germaphobe it could be yours.

Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes

I felt disappointed there was only ten wipes in this pack but I took them on my ten night holiday and it was the perfect sized pack.

I really like these wipes. they are really soft and work pretty quickly. You gently press them to your eye and it dissolves the make up.

I feel it did a really good job and while I don't think I'd buy and use them every day I would get them again for a holiday.

Bojouis 1 Seconde Volume Mascara

I'm still a bit Mehh about this. I've seen a few people rave about it, but it seems really gloopy for me. I also don't really like the plastic brush.

I found when I wiped most of the product off the brush with a tissue it worked better but I really don't want to do that with a mascara every time I use it.

I will keep using it and see if I can get on with it any better.

Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser

I've wanted to try this for a while and I took it on holiday and loved it.

It did make my face feel really clean and I would buy this again. I have bought Tesco's own version to try as a cheaper every day alternative.

Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

I haven't tried this as yet. It's a decent sized sample and my hair feels in bad condition after my holiday so I'm wishing I'd taken it with me.

Laura Mercier Primer

Another initial disappointment. The smell to me is awful. It smells like dirt. Not like an organic smell you get with some products. To me it smells dirty and musty.

Saying that I saw how many people rave about it and the price is £29 for 50mls which is huge!!!

I decided to try it and I do really like it. With some primers (Benefit porefessional and rimmel pro primer) I can feel them / I'm aware of the change in my skin when I apply them. (I love those two) But with this one it's weightless and is a gel formula.

I also feel like it helped my makeup stay in place really well. It was really warm at night and even at 2 am all my make up was still in place. The smell also vanished when it was on my skin.

I'm not sure I could justify buying it but if you're on the look out for a primer and can justify £29 it's worth considering.

James Read Sleep in Face Tan.
 Not something I've used or will use. Going to see if my friend at work wants it.

Latest in beauty sent me (and i'm sure most of it's members) and email offering a free delivery code for friends. If you do use it I will get something in return. The code below is for free delivery. I think I get 20% off my next box if anyone uses it before midnight on Sunday and if 5 or more of you use it i'll get a mystery gift worth £15 wooooo. I'm not asking anyone to use it but I do love a bit of free delivery so I wanted to share it with you.

My code is: GHAM_KS835

I really love these boxes and I'm always eager to see when the next one will come out. I do want to subscribe to a box but I don't really like the element of surprise.

Do you subscribe any beauty boxes? Which one would you recommend? I've spend almost 12 months trying to decide on one and I'm no nearer picking a box.

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  1. I'm sort of tempted by the box for the Laura Mercier primer, but I'd only use that and the mascara. I would possibly use the Maybelline lipstick if it was a good colour. Your free delivery code does make it tempting, plus I'm sure I could do something with the other products, or at least between my mum and my sister they'll be wanted x

  2. It's worth it just for the primer, face wash and mascara. The eyeko wipes are fab as well. it's not bad for £

  3. Let me know if you do order it and what you think xx


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