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Monday, October 13, 2014

I've been watching Zoella on YouTube for a few months and I love her style and while I think a lot of younger people follow her I really enjoy her channels.

When she announced her beauty range I knew I wanted to try some of it.  

I think it's been launched at a good time of year, the weather is getting colder and it's bath season. At least in my house hold (We had an old boiler and you can't have just hot water without having the heating on)

I decided to get it from Superdrug store so I could have a little sniff before I bought. I couldn't get everything at once and ended up going on the trips to get what I wanted.

The first thing I got was the soak opera bath and showergel. This smells lovely. I can't really describe what it smells of but it's a really fresh smell.

I really wanted to get the Fizzbar, it's all I wanted. I really like bath melts but a lot don't agree with my skin but i'm always wanting to try new ones. After countless trips to superdrug I finally got a bar. You get 8 squares and it says to use one or two in the bath.

It fizzes up but leaves the bath water clear which I like as I hate bits in the bath.

On one of my failed trips to get a Fizzbar I picked up one of the candles and I really like this. It comes in a little tin and I love having candles burning in autumn.

Each item is £5 from what I could see apart from the makeup bags and body mist which are £8. I think they are a good price. Cheap enough for pocket money prices but expensive enough to feel like you're buying something a bit more special.

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  1. I love a bubble bath. more bubbles the better!

    The packaging is really cute and best of all it has spots on it! x

  2. So cute! Love the polka dots and the little subtle lace detail! Might give her products a shot since her packaging is so nice. Haha

  3. I think they are really nice and I like the actual products as well. they smell really nice. A bit citrus and fruity but not overpowering x


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