Glossy Box - November My Second Box

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The first comment for this months box is the lightness of feel and how rattling the box was. 

Mine arrived with very few of the shredded worms  which they use a padding which makes me glad there were no glass items in the box. 

As always with these boxes. They are a risk and some months you will get amazing boxes and other months you will think Meh!!!

This month it's a bit Meh.

Burt's Bees Lip Shine - £6.99 Full Size Product. I like the smell, I'm not keen on the texture and I don't really wear lip glosses that much. I've put it in my handbag and we'll see. I don't think I'd pay £6.99 for a lipgloss I'd rather have had a Burt's Bees Lip Balm.

Monu Refining Facial Oil -  £26 /100ml (30ml Sample size. Approx £7.80) This is not something I'd buy. I have oily /combination skin. This does say it's for combination skin and I have used it twice. It seems nice but not really something that is going to win me over long term.

H20+ Oil free hydrating treatment - This is an M&S product and costs £27.50 / 50ml (8ml Sample aprox £4.40) I like the sound of this product. I'm a bit gutted about the size of the sample. £27.50 is a lot to pay for the full size so I'd like to be able to get a few tries out of a sample. 

OGX Argan oil of morocco shampoo - £3/ 385 ml (Sample is approx 88ml 66p) I'm quite pleased with this. I almost bought this after seeing another blogger put this in the favourites video. My only thing is I'm a bit funny and I like to use matching conditioner. This smells amazing. I might try it with my current conditioner and if I like it but the conditioner. I also thought this brand was dearer (on closer google inspection it is - the card must have a misprint - Its around £6.99 for 385ml but is on 342 / reduced to £4.99 in some places. for the size i got it's £2.50 each (342) in superdrug)

Lollypop black eyeliner - 14 Euro. Another full size product and this was the sneak preveiw from last month. I'm a bit underwhelmed by this. it's in a very pretty tube but it's very easy to smudge and i'm not really a fan. I will give it a try but I'm not holding out much hope of liking it. 

Over all a little disappointing. It covered the money I paid but it's not really my kind of products this month.

I have high hopes for the December box, Christmas boxes are usually good but I haven't ever had one before.

Do you get Glossy Boxes? Have you had a December box before? Did you get anything different to me?

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  1. I have also had the Birchbox ones for October and November and l have to say they were better... l'm just experiementing with them at the monet and looking out for different ones as well this is all new to me x

  2. I've had Oct and Nov's Glossy Box. Oct and Nov You Beauty box (Not really impressed - giving it one more month)

    my favourite boxes are the one off LIB boxes. They tend to be dearer (£15/20) but you know exactly what you are getting and they are not subscriptions.


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