Halloween Hen Do Survival Kit

Saturday, November 01, 2014

If I haven't mentioned it once or twice but I'm in York this weekend in a Hen Do of a friend of a friend. 

There are 12 of us going but from all over. Me, my friend and the hen are travelling up together from her local station and meeting the others in York. 

I've only met her a couple of times but partly as a thank you for inviting me and as a nice little let's start the Hen do on the train I decided to put together a little goodie bag.

I got the gift bag from Poundland, the Hen loves halloweeen and we're going to be dressing up I decided to run with the theme rather than go all fluffy girly hen do

Sweets, what's a goodie bag without sweets?

The pumpkin head also has sweets in it. 

 A couple of face masks from Superdrug. I've really gotten into facemasks recently and even if she doesn't use them over the weekend they are small enough to take home with her.

Glow in the dark ghost, I think this should be an essential for all hen do's don't you? 

Bubbles who can resist? I couldn't again I'm not sure if they will get any use but she has kids so she can always take them home. 

Plasters, I imagine we'll be doing a fair bit of walking. I have been sensible and put a mix of normal plasters as well as Hello Kitty ones. 

Dry shampoo, this is a new brand and I haven't tried it yet but I thought it was handbag sized and might be nice to have this as a bit if a refresh through out the day or evening.

Straws. I couldn't resist. I grabbed this just to take with us to use for drinks on the train but decided to split a few out and put them in the bag. 

A sippy spippy cup. Since watching +grav3yardgirl on YouTube i'm obsessed with sippy cups. thought it was too cute not to buy.

Confetti. I'm going to sprinkle bits of this in the bag, just because 

I'm sure she will have brought a camera or at least take pictures on her phone but I grabbed a disposable camera so she could make sure memories are recorded and she can get a physical copy of some of the weekend.

 Princess paraphernalia - it's a hen do she needs to have these items

What's halloween without a pair of pumpkin socks? 

Still to go in:

Pink Lucozade
Tins of cocktail
Pain killers 

By the time this post goes out she will have seen all of these. I just hope she likes it. I have a nagging self doubt that the organiser will think I'm treading on toes or the hen will think hate everything and wonder what the hell I was thinking?

I'd like someone to do something like this for me which is why I've done it. what do you think?

I'll report back once i get in to WIFI to let you know what she thought

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