Jo Fearns Salon Launch Night

Thursday, November 20, 2014

On Wednesday I went to the launch night of a new salon which has opened in Lydgate. 

I got a lovely warm welcome by Jo herself and then taken on a tour  by Steph from the PR Company. 

The salon has been done really well. It has a really bright and welcoming feeling and there is so much space. 

While I was having my first glass of proccesco Jo asked if one of her team could do something with my hair. I had a consultation of what I could do with my hair. Layers were suggested to make it lighter but I am saying no to layers for the immediate future. I've spent to many years agreeing to layers and regretting them. I will be booking in for a trim and tidy up very soon. 

I was then treated to a blow wave, it was really odd having my hair washed in the middle of the shop while people were milling round drinking wine and eating ice cream. It was a lovely treat having my hair washed and styled. He (John I think - I'm really sorry I'm so bad with names) talked me through what he was doing and dried and kind of curled it with a round brush to give it more body and to make it look a bit different. 

I also got loads of compliments after on how glossy my hair looked and how nice it looks. I walked in with it up in a bobble and my trusty 8 grips! 

Armand Beasley was also there and gave a little talk about his best beauty buys from Avon products to Creme De La Mer and everything in between. I have met him before at Selfridges and he said I looked familiar and I'd also seen him at City Spa but didn't realise it was him. It was lovely to be able to chat to him about products in an informal setting and He will be working with Jo on some projects so I'll be keeping watch for details of that.

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