Little Blue Dress - Pink Clove Bargain

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On the hunt for a back up dress for the wedding I'm going to at weekend I fell into the rabbit hole that is Pink Cloves sale. 

For £35 inc P&P I got myself two dresses and a top. 

I wanted to show you my favourite dress which wasn't a wedding back up but a new work dress and it's the same as the tartan dress of last year only in cornflower blue. 

I worried it might be a bit to light for autumn but it's a really nice shade and to be fair it doesn't really matter about seasons and colours. 

These pictures don't do the colour any justice but it was 6am with no natural light and only my camera phone. 

I love almost everything about this dress from the sleeves, the length apart from the belt that came with it. (not pictured)

The belt that came with it doesn't even fit my mum who is a size 14. When the entire world got the tartan dress last year most people complained about the belt and I'm sure they said they'd look into it.

They're not really the dresses you can wear without belts as the belt loops are sewn on the outside and you look like you gave shrek ears on your waist without one.

Luckily I managed to find another belt a brown one. Not what I would have chosen bit it was a better option that a bright red one!!

At £15 it is a really good buy and as you can see I have worn it and other than tweeting them that they didn't respond to i'm not bothered. but it's frustrating that a belt that comes with an item should fit the wearer.

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  1. It's terrible. if people are telling them there are problems they should at least acknowledge them. I might email them but I doubt that will get a response

  2. I've messaged them via their website. we'll see if they reply

  3. Hi Vicki, I've already been to York this was a post about what we did while we were there.


  4. I bought my Christmas dress from them last year. Big mistake. They ran out of my size so just shoved the next size down in the bag then refused to answer tweets or emails. I've refused to buy from them ever since. x


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