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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm not a big buyer of magazines. Every now and again I will get one of the cheap magazines with lots of puzzles and real like stories.

I will also buy fashion magazines when there is a freebie to be had.

This Month I got Glamour Magazine for £2 and it came with a Nails Inc polish. There are a few colours to chose from.

A couple of days laterI spotted Elle had the new(ish) Benefit They're real liner. I've really fancied trying this for a while but have been put off by one the cost and two the mixed reviews i've read.

I've tried it a few times and I really like it. I've found it really easy to use (I takes a bit of practice and I have watched a lot of YouTube video's before I applied it) I also didn't find it too hard to remove. My usually face washing routine got rid of it.

I got a purple which I really love. It's really shiny but doesn't have sparkles in it so it's a flat colour but it's not matt.

Am I explaining this well? I've put in an instagram picture I took to try and illustrate what I mean.

Over all I'm impressed and £6 well spent. I have actually read the Glamour Magazine but the Elle well after turning a good 15 pages of adverts before getting to the contents page followed by loads more before the first article was a really switch off for me. 

Have you seen any other free gifts with purchase this month? Have you tried these and what dod you think? 

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