My Mind Wanders Aimlessly - November 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

My first ever blog was called my mind wanders aimlessly and I thought it might be nice to use it as a title for shall we call a mind dump post.

It's not about fashion, beauty or lifestyle. It will be blahhhh. The good the bad and the ugly.

Let's start with a good. Ok Good is an understatement and a half. I replied to a tweet asking for youtube channels to watch and I said a few including Bunny Meyer AKA Grav3yardgirl and she tweeted me back! This woman has 4 MILLION you tube followers as well as countless millions on all her social media and she tweeted me!! Total fan girl moment over here! Love you Bunny!!

The bad  - I think I want a new job! There i've said it. I love my job but I don't think it's right any more. I don't talk about my real life work much but i've started to update my CV and I even found myself googling jobs last night! We have a really long notice period which is putting me off but we'll see, Maybe next year I'll get a new job?! 

More ugly - Fat shamers, thin shamers, shamers in general. ooo don't get a picture of my back fat, oh I hate this, I don't eat, I think people should, people shouldn't. Shamlesslly using the R word! (That one!!!) Don't you dare use it oh and I smoke I enjoy it and if you tell me you don't like smokers then back track to say smoking I will smoke more and I will make sure I stand as close to you as possible especially if you use the R word!!! (Sorry I know this makes no sense and even if the person it's about did read it they have got their head so far up their own arse they wouldn't recognise it's about them!) 

Other random musings:

I've bought a mid / dark brown hair dye and I think I will be using that this weekend. I'm also thinking of getting a thick fringe cut back in. Thoughts? I always cut my hair, then grow it back. Have a fringe, grow it out but I'm thinking it might give me a bit of a change while I grow the back of my hair?

This weekend I'm going to start writing my best of 2014 post to hopefully go live 1st Jan 2015.

I also haven't added any memories to my memory jar since June or July so I'm going to have to try and remember some things to put in it. Would you be interested in a post when I open them all up?

I've also really got into painting my nails and while I'm so bad at painting them I don't think they are worthy of a NOTD post I thought i'd share a few of the pictures I've taken on instagram. All Essence polishes apart from the Nails Inc one I got free in Glamour magazine. Which colour do you like best?

I have a few exciting things coming up over the next couple of weeks and we're heading close to Christmas. Yesterday I went to an Event in Manchester so I'll be blogging about that in the coming days. Next weekend I'm off to a wedding. I have a Christmas Event invite for the end of the month and the first weekend in December I'm heading over to Sheffield for a fun filled shopping day with some other Plus Size Bloggers. It will be so nice to meet up with people and just be me.

I have two giveaways going on at the moment. I love being able to give something back to the people who read my little blog. One ends tonight at midnight so don't forget to enter that one and the other still has a couple of weeks left on it.

I'm already making plans to be blog organised in 2015 and have even bought a new diary (My currently personal planner runs to May 15 but I felt the need for a whole year diary) I also came across this editorial spreadsheet from Young Adult Money Someone had shared it in one of the blogging groups on Facebook and I love the idea of it. I try and write in my diary what i'll be posting but I like the idea of having a spreadsheet as well. I've made a copy and adapted it slightly to suit me and i'm sure as the year goes on it will be a work on progress or abandoned as so many of my good intentions are.

I have post Idea - Get an idea and decide it suits a certain date.
Blog Title - When I actually post something
Blog Event - If I do get any invites I can make a note on the spreadsheet so I can hopefully plan to blog about them in the following days
Blog challenges - In some ways this should sit in the blog post bit, but as we all know i'm been slack with challenges so going to give them their own space and we'll see if we can fit them in.

It's red cup season already. So far I've had a festive cup from Gregg. It didn't have a festive drink inside but sometimes it ok to accept a christmas cup and move on in life. 

Next up was a Maccy D's Christmas cup and christmassy drink. Toffee Latte.I did like this but it was very sweet and far too milky for me but did get me humming jingle bells, batman smells, robin flew away!

I Don't think I've ever had a starbucks red cup or one of the Costa various Christmas character cups as those are the two coffee places I'd stay in and get a real cup from. As I am actually enjoying the spirit of off this Christmas maybe I'll make and exception. It'll be worth it for an Instagram picture at least! 

It's super hero day at work today as Children in Need will be on the telebox tonight. I'm writing this in advance so don't know if i will be wearing anything super hero. My choices is some super girl socks or a batman t-shirt but I don't think anyone on my team is joining in and if you do you'll have your pic in the newsletter sooooo I think I'll just wear normal friday mufti. 

This is my AND FINALLY section

Did you know Sabrina the Teenage witch is on YouTube. Like all the late 1990's early 2000's goodness Sabrina and my one true love Salem Saberhagen (Stephanie Saberhagen - could I get over my hatred of alteration to  marry a cat???)

What do you think of these kinds of posts? should I do one again. Just general ramblings?

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  1. I love the beige and turquoise polishes. xx

  2. I think the beige one is my favourite. I'm not usually into nude shades but I really like this one x

  3. There's nothing wrong with a good old ramble! I'm thinking of working my way around all the festive drinks myself - have you tried the almond and honey hot chocolate from Starbucks? A little goes a long way!! xx

  4. Haha some times a ramble is needed!

    I haven't tried any of the starbucks drinks this year. I thought almond and honey sounded horrible until someone said it tasted like melted toblarone and now i'm intrigued!



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