What's in my Handbag - November 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

I know these posts are done a lot but I really enjoy reading them so as I've just swapped my handbags over I thought I'd show you what I'm carrying round with me. 

As you can see it seems like there is quite a lot of stuff but I feel like this is not that much compared to what I sometimes carry round. 

The bag is from Zara. I've had it for a while and it's a hand me down from my mum. The lighting in the pictures is awful but the bag is a dark Navy colour. In some lights it looks green in others it has a brown or grey tinge to it but it is definitely navy. 

Top Left:

  • The First Wives Club Novel but Olivia Goldsmith - I'm reading this for the twitter book club This will only be the second book i've managed. 
  • 2015 Diary - There is no escaping it 2015 is almost here. This one does have a planner for December as well and I've got things booked in to August 2015 so I can justify carrying it round. 
  • 3 Pens - I either have no pens or too many pens. 
  • Hair brush, bobbles and clips - My hair still isn't long enough to get up in a full bobble so it needs lots of help
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
Bottom Left:
  • 4 lighters - Like pens I either have none of loads. I don't really understand how that works
  • Bus pass - essential to travel 
  • Phone - I can't wait for an upgrade in Jan but what to go for? All I really know is I want one with a better camera
  • Ipod shuffle 
  • Fox purse from Primark
Bottom Right:
  • Work Makeup - I rarely wear makeup for work but I have been carrying this round with me in a bid to try and put some on and if I have an event after work I know i always have some makeup with me
  • Rennies - Since I started with my cold I've had such bad indigestion
  • Balmi cube lip balm - I love this the lid broke after two uses so I keep finding it open in the bottom of my bag covered in fluff (yummy) 
  • Hand cream - This is an almost empty I really like the texture but the smell is a bit over whelming for me.
  • Olbus Oil - I have no sense of smell I'm hoping this will bring it back
  • Olbus Oil sniffy stick - See above
  • Soft and Gentle deo - as I have no sense of smell I thought it'd be worth sticking a deo in my bag 
  • Beechams version of strepsils - My throat isn't really sore but I'm coughing a lot so with that my throat has been a bit tender. Got these more as a preventative measure. 
  • 4 packs of tissues - sneezy and coughy should be my middle names
I hope I haven't missed anything. Sorry haven't really listed brands of things. if you want more info on anything give me a shout. Would you like a what's in my Work Makeup bag post? 

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  1. mine seems to be more full of bits of paper and receipts more than
    anything lol x


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