York - Hen Do, Halloween Weekend 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I thought I'd share a few of the picture from the Hen Do weekend in York. I had two camera's with me so they might seem a bit disjointed in the collages. 

Friday we travelled up by train, spent a couple of hours in the pub attached to the hotel before going for a meal at Piccalino's.

We all had to wear black which as we all know is my least favourite colour to wear so I made sure I had a bright bag with me. I felt pretty miserable especially as I ended up wearing a work dress to go out in. It didn't help there was a lot of body shaming talk but as I didn't really know these people I kept my gob shut but there are a couple of people I never want to see again (Oh it's the wedding this weekend and they'll be there - How fun!) 

In Piccolino's I had calamari and ham and mushroom pizza. The Calamari was amazing but the pizza was a bit under cooked (Sad as they had a proper pizza oven) and the tomato sauce tasted a bit funky. It's also really expensive I also had one peroni and half a bottle of wine and it was £35 each. They had provided us with a private room and it was nice to be away from the main dining room but It's not somewhere I'd go back to. 

We went in a couple of bars and it was good seeing everyone in Fancy Dress for Halloween, we didn't dress up as the restaurant had said they wouldn't accept us in fancy dress which was a shame to be somewhere on Halloween and not dress up. BUT I get why the chief bridesmaid didn't want to change the plan again. 

Saturday we went to an Irish bar for breakfast and apart from them know knowing what a flat white was despite it being in their menu the food was fab. Just what I needed to set me up for a trip to the Dungeons. I'm such a wuss but as most people seemed to be going I went and it was quite fun. Lots of screaming and lights off moments but glad I braved it. 

The Hen then wanted a cream tea, as i'd opted for the big breakfast and was a bit flustered after the dungeons I opted out and went for a wander round the shops before meeting up with them all again at Revolution for a Cocktail Masterclass. 

It was really fun, a few people got a go at making the trail cocktails and we could all taste them, they also had some snacks to complement these cocktails then we got a chance to make one of three cockatails to have as our own drink. After the class we had our own seating area to have some food which was included in the price. I think it was £25 each and it wasn't bad value and it was good fun. 

Saturday night we went out in Halloween fancy dress, I was a bit nervous people wouldn't make a massive effort but everyone really had done brilliantly. We did get a few comments it's not halloween etc which was annoying but after a few drinks and lots of dancing we headed back to the hotel. 

Sunday most people where up and out but a couple of us stayed round for a bit. We went in the Golden Fleece pub which is meant to be the most haunted in York (not sure if it's the UK) I was more worried about it's sheep connections. Someone was touching my shoulder from the moment we walked in, I didn't like it. I don't really believe all that stuff but i've had it before where someone has been stood on my shoulder and it's really unnerving. 

We wandered round and the Hen got a couple of gifts for the wedding party in a little shop on the Shambles.

To say it was the end of October beginning of November we had cracking weather. I didn't wear a coat all weekend.

I love York and need to go back for a chilled weekend just sitting outside the bars and wandering round the shops. I might see if I can get  a good deal next year and go back with my mum  

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