You Beauty Box November - Box 2

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It was time for my second You Beauty Discovery box to arrive and I have to say I'm much happier with this one than my first one but not ecstatic. 

There was a feint oooo ohhh errrr as I opened the box. I don't know if it's the size of the box or that the none chosen items are so random and odd or that I'm a bit ungrateful but I'm still not feeling it. 

I'll start with the items I did pick and to say I am pretty happy with my choices. The first Item was the Magnifibers. I've already got one of these and I really like it. This alone to buy is double the cost of the box (A quick google shows this form £15 - £20 depending on shops I didn't check P&P prices)

I should be happy I got my moneys worth in the first click.

My Next choice was the Rituals Hamman Delight shower gel. I went for this because of everything else I could pick from it was a brand I've had stuff from before and I've loved the previous products. The other Items (I can't remember exactly what the choices were but nothing spoke to me) 

I've previously had the Yogi Flow and Zensation shower gels and loved both. To the point where I would repurchase if I saw them in s store. 

This Hamman Delight is not a delight for me. I'm not fond of the smell from the tube. It has a medicinal smell and it's a bit harsh. It does seem to foam up better than the other ones as I found out when I accidentally squirted it all over me! (Ops) 

I also need to point out I haven't tried this in the shower yet. The smell will change when mixed with water so I'm not totally disappointed it's just not a I can't wait to try this product moment. 

This size product retails for £4 it's a fairly expensive product. This size would last me about 10-15 showers. I don't think that's too bad and I will report back once it makes it to an empties post. 

This months bonus items included Merymaya cleansing skin balm (29p's worth ) and Ionic Youth Serum (35p's worth)  sachets. These products retail for £14.50/100ml  and £34.50 /100ml.

I'm looking forward to trying the cleaners. I'm not sure there will be enough in the sachet to do a double cleanse with it but we will see. I don't think the face wash is a bad price compared with some other makeup brands skin care. 

I'm not a massive fan of serums. They don't really do much for me  but I'll give it a go. I think I wish they had been bigger samples as I know I won't know if I like these or not from one application. After more googling (and not getting distracted bybuzzfeed at all) It seems to have some pretty possitive reviews so we shall see,

I dont really understand what the last Item is or shall I say was. It;s gone straight in the bin. It's some form of powder to sprinkle of yoghurt or cereal.

It also came with this incredibly long if not pretty bumpf. I didn't read it or look any further then seeing it was sprinkles and binned it.

Over all not a bad box, I should be happy and there is only one thing I won't try which is god and this box was good value for money

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