1st December 2014

Monday, December 01, 2014

I've decided to try and end the year on a high and blog everyday in December. I'm not going to to #Blogmas but Friday - Monday is going to have a festive flavour. 

Every Friday I'm going to give you a quick round up of the last 5 days from my #PSBlogger Advent Calendar. I'm also sharing a primark jewellery advent calendar with my mum so I might share what I got from them. 

Day 1 is a pair of bird earrings

Saturdys I'm hopefully going to do a round up for the previous 6 days Journal Your Christmas (JYC)  that I'm trying to take part in. I've not done day 1 yet as my craft supplies haven't arrived / are at my grans. I'm going to make some notes and Day one is Manifesto - How do you want your Christmas to look. I also need to take a selfie. I'm hoping to make the most of my free prints app to get some pictures to use for it. 

Sunday's I'm going to be asking and answering some Xmas related questions - A Chistmas tag if you will. I've written 22 Questions but decided to split them up over 3 weekends. If you'd like to join in I can come back and add in the questions to give you some thinking time. 

Monday I'll be sharing the adventures of #CrapSanta - Harsh I know but it suits him. It's going to be my version of Elf on a / the shelf. 

I got him from Poundland and I sort of love him. I'll probably take a couple of pictures a day on Instagram but thought i'd do a weekly roundup. 

Please wish me luck for blogging everyday. Things rarely go to plan and I haven't scheduled anything in advance so far but I will be doing I'm sure. 

I've got a title of a post every day till about the 3rd Jan! 

 I've leave you with an image of my Villages Christmas Tree x

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