Boxing Day Sales 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

It's been three days since boxing day and I've been shopping every day and have come home with quite a bit of stuff. I've been to Boots, Next, TK Maxx, Home Bargains and Peacocks

This post has just got the things I got in days one and two. I haven't had much motivation to take pictures or even switch on my laptop so apologies for the lack of posts. 

First up Boots

I always get a lot of hair products in the Boots sale and this year was no exception. Toni and Guy being the main brand of choice. This wasn't intentional they just seemed to have the best sets this year.

I'm not sure what this set was called as I've got rid of all the packaging but I think it was the Tousled Waves or something like that. It was £7 and has Shampoo and Conditioner which are both full size 250ml and are £6.49 each (they are on 3 for 2) Sea Salt spray and a comb.

 The next set I got was the playful volume which was only £5.00 It has mini shampoo, conditioner. The Glamour hairspray which I love and keep thinking once I'm out of all my other hair spray I will buy a full sized. A heat protector spray and two spin pins.

 The next two I've merged together as I'm sharing it with my mum and she's taken some things out. I'm not sure if I've got the full contents together.

These makeup bags designed by Mathew Willamson are so pretty we couldn't resist. One bag was £6 and the other £10. The big bag had shampoo, conditioner and a dry shampoo i think. The smaller bag has Dry Shampoo, Hair Sray and heat protector spray.

 The White Collection set of body wash and body lotion. I think this was pretty good value full price but for £3 it was too good to resist. These will be prefect for trips away. I'm bad for not using body lotion at home but when I'm away I always feel like I nee some.

 This is something I wasn't going to buy but at the last min I decided to get it. I'm a sucker for a gimmick and these crackers are very cute,
 Each one smells amazing. I'm also not keeping them for best one has gone into the bathroom ready to be used.

 I didn't realise how blurry this picture was so I will try and re-take one at some point. I've really liked a lot of the Fearn sets over the years and when my mum pointed this out i NEEDED it! I probably won't use the lipgloss I'm really not a lipgloss person (i really need to be I got tonnes in my advent calendar)

These hand creams were the only Item I really wanted from the boots sale. I've using a Crabtree and Evelyn handcream that I got from the PS Bloggers meet up goodie bag and I have a couple of their nail polishes, I love the two at each end I haven't smelt the middle one but I'm not a huge fan of rose scents so It might not get used.

 The final boots Item is another hair product this time and Umberto Gianni dazzel shine set. This has shampoo, conditioner, shine spray and a tin of hair pins and blonde grips.


I was really disappointed with the next sale. I mean the sales are a chance to dig out the crap and this year was no exception. They had things we bought in the sale three years ago. They also had a phone call from head office shouting at staff because they were £2000 an hour down on last year. Well I'm not suprised there was so little stuff. I know they keep bringing stuff out but it was all really odd sizes (size 16s smaller than an 8s and not just one of two things) Sorry this isn't a rant on Next as I did get some cute things.

As we all know I'm doing JYC. Well meant to be I've only done 6 pages and have no motivation to catch up just yet.

I got some bakers twine type stuff and ribbon. Tissue paper that can be used all year round and some cute stamps.

I also got some black and white leopard print hareem pants. I haven't taken a picture of them yet but I'll try and remember to insert a picture of them.

TK Maxx 

Before Christmas I fell in love with a bag in TK Maxx he's called Paul (Paul Costello) He's is beautiful soft Navy blue leather, He smells amazing (I have a thing about how bags smell) But at £64 TK Maxx red sticker price I can't justify buying him. Every time  go in I give him a little cuddle and walk him round for a bit. I did get £60 in Christmas money but I still can't justify buying him.

Sorry I digress I needed a a new handbag after killing the Zara bag and hating the one I've been using. I spotted this brown Nica bag reduced to £18. I love the look of Nica bags but I hate the smell of them (I think it's the glue they use. It makes me feel physically sick and now when ever I go to buy I bag I have to sniff it. ) This one didn't smell much just a hint. for £18 (RRP £55) I decided to take a chance. When I got home and took the stuffing paper out it stunk. I thought I was going to be sick but now the paper has been removed it doesn't smell.

I also got a chipboard scrapbook kit. In theory this is for the JYC project.

There are a few more things I need to photograph. I will try and get these taken but they aren't very exciting things,  I got two plastic tubs from Home Bargains and a black jumper from peacocks.

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  1. What a great sales haul! I usually hit boots every year for a make up refill and beauty binge so you're not alone!
    I love the rose crab tree and evelyn, so give it a go!


  2. It's a bit shameful the amount I've spent! I've got another load of stuff today. I might have to do post 2 soon!

    I will give the hand cream a sniff later on. i've loved all their other hand creams xxx

  3. I love what you have bought, so far I have only shopped online I can't face going into Brum!! I also love the Crabtree and Evelyn it smells so nice xx

  4. I haven't bought anything online YET! I'm not a massive fan of online shopping although I'd done a lot of it this year. xx


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