#CrapSanta Week 1

Monday, December 08, 2014

December 1st - Caffeine and Caffeine 

At weekend I bought this Block Tech Santa (similar to LEGO) from Poundland. I couldn't see any more so I'm not sure what else they do.

I feel bad calling him Crap Santa and I don't mean any offence to Block Tech but I think it suits him. He's a bit thin and he feet keep falling off. Plus he has green shoulders!

December 1st He spent the day drinking Gregg's coffee.

Posing with the big guy himself THEN

 He tried to have a staring contest. Tomorrow he's helping me decorate my work Christmas Tree. It's only 2 foot tall and a bit crappy (Branches keep falling off!)

December 2nd "Helping" with the Tree

It was time to put the Tree up and Crap Santa volunteered to help.hmmmmm

 Step one the lights still work

One too many sherries? boredom? Laziness?

Inspecting my finished handiwork. I think he likes it. What do you think?

December 3rd A little bit of cannibalism

I only took one photo today and Crap Santa decided it was his turn to have the Chocolate out of the Santa Advent Calendar sadly the chocolate was a Santa's head so it felt a bit too cannibalistic for his liking.

December 4th Bacon Vs Mince Pie

Christmas is a time for for good food. 

Chillling under the tree

The Costco people came into work and kindly left some mince pies behind and you know who snaffled one.

December 5th Do you want to build a Snowman

I had a trip to the pound shop again and bought him a friend.  He's been singing Frozen songs all afternoon.

Crap Santa has stayed at work so I've brought his mate home and built him. What adventures will he have this weekend. 

Crap Snowman had no adventures this weekend and he's still in my work handbag but Crap Santa will be back this time next week for his other Monday - Friday adventurers

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  1. I'm liking crap Santa, although his blue eyes are a bit scary.

  2. They are very scary. Crap snowmans red mouth freaks me out a bit as well x


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