#CrapSanta Week 2

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Monday 8th December 

Another day and attempts to get festive we cracked out the Clementines. 

Theses two are hoping they get one of these in their stockings rather than a lump of coal. What do you reckon?

Tuesday 9th

Hmmmm what are they up too?

Hey how did you get up there?

Wednesday 10th 

We have the lurgy. We've acquired tissues from a colleague and we're sat here feeling sorry for ourselves.  

Thursday 11th

The Robitussin has been busted out. Pretending to do shots at work isn't as fun as it first seems.

Awww holding hands. too cute. 

Friday 12th 

It's Friday we needed a Greggs to wash down the Robitussin. 

I remembered to bring them home from work for some weekend adventures. So far they are looking after the new bunny night light I bought myself.

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