December Glossybox

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The final box from my three month Glossybox subscription and after a bit of a disappointing month last month I had high expectations this month and my initial reaction was a bit meh again.

 On closer inspection I'm more pleased than I first thought and it's actually quite a decent box. I'm not sure it's enough to renew my subscription. For one thing I really don't need any more beauty products and I have other boxes on the way.

Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap spot stick - This smells like my teenage years all teatree and witchhazel. It's double sided with a white cream for night and a clear one for day. I haven't looked into what the actual differences are but as i'm having mass breakouts and i've been using it all week and it seems to be working.

Tresemme hair treatments, This isn't something I would go out and buy but I'm torn between using these or giving them to my mum as a bonus Christmas present.

So Susan Eyebrow set - I'm quite excited to try this. It's two colours and you use both. The darker one to define and the lighter one to soften the look.

Skin Prep Serum - This is probably my least exciting product. I don't really use serums but I will give this a try.

Belle ??? Lip and Cheek tint. This is something I might use but might not use it. I like the idea of it but I'm not sure it's the right colour for me.

Over all I liked this box and I will use the things in it.I have cancelled my subscription not because I think it's a bad box but because I don't need any more beauty products for a while. I would go back to this and I know I will be jealous when I see the next few months boxes but it's for the best.

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