Growing my hair 2014 - The Final Update of 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's been a long and frustrating year hair wise. I don't feel like my hair has grown much but looking back at the pictures it really has gown.

Looking at my badly cobbled together collage it has actually grown quite a lot. From March to July it grew loads, however as the back was way longer than the front and it was looking slightly mullet like and i just felt really frumpy and something needed to be done.

I decided to get it cut. I spoke to a hairdresser and I had two options trim it and get rid of the dead ends and it wouldn't really look any different or be brave and chop enough off the back to make it concaved. I decided to bite the bullet and go for the chop. By October it had grown to be longer than before i'd had it cut which was impressive to me at least.

By December it hadn't really gown much but the ends were dead and I was getting bored. I really wanted a fringe so I had it cut. The girl went a bit scissor happy and cut loads more than we'd said and I really hate the side fringe she hasn't done it right. I'm not sure what she's done but it doesn't sit right.

I'm slightly disappointed to be ending the year with no real change between October and December but I am looking forward to seeing how long it will be by this time next year.

The main thing I've said all year is I want it long enough to tie up and for a few months I have been wearing it up but it's still not quite there unless I use quite a few grips.

Next years goal is for it to be long enough to wear in a plait. I think I will try and only have it cut two or three times again.

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  1. Stay strong! Growing hair out is so frustrating. My hair was VERY short 2 years ago. Now I sit on it sometimes :(

  2. Thats good to know. I've cut and grown my hair a few times. This time has been the hardest as I keep having things to go to (woe is me!!! lol) so ended up having my hair cut sooner than I've wanted to make it look neat x


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