I Won a giveaway

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I don't really enter many giveaways. I always say I never win but I often can't be bothered to enter them but every now and again I'll have a little spree of entering them and sometimes it pays off.

I entered a giveaway on GrownUpGrace a little while ago and I actually won it. The prize arrived quickly and I even got a little bonus for it being close to Christmas.

I haven't tried any of these yet but I'm hoping to wear them tomorrow for my little outting to Manchester.

I'm not convinced the foundation is the right colour, I can never seem to get a match or they are a match for about a week then suddenly I'm a different colour.

I'm excited to try the eyeliner. I used to avoid it for years as my eyes always water if I use anything other than Khol pencils but in recent months I've been getting better and I've been loving felt pen eyeliners and now I think I'm safe enough to use the liquid one.

Max Factor is a brand I always seem to like but rarely buy for myself so I'm looking forward to trying all of these.

Have you won any giveaways recently? 

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