#JYC2014 Update 1

Friday, December 12, 2014

My JYC hasn't got off to the best of starts. My album didn't arrive until the beginning of this week and being honest I've felt so lousy this week all I've done is go to work, come home and sleep.

I wanted to show you how I've tried organising myself so far. I haven't do any more organisation that this other than to put in the Christmas paper stack against every day up to 6/7th Jan. I've also split out the reindeer and Christmas tree stickers and other bits of bobs so they will be evenly used throughout the album. As we all know things will change and prompts will dictate if they are appropriate or not but rather than having them all in one place and forgetting about them I thought it would be nice to split them out.

We've been having a clear out at work and rather than bin this butterfly folder i thought i'd use it as a planner.

For each day up to day 6 I've put in some papers, elements and notes.

Day 1Manifesto -Done

Day 2 Childhood Christmas - Done

Day 6 - getting cosy. I was anything but As I went to meadowhall to meet some blogger friends so I will be journalling about this rather than getting cosy but I might try and fit it in somewhere else

I was torn on which kind of album to use and in the past i've just used a A5 ring binder from tesco and I think i've also just used jump rings and card stock. I was looking at an album with pockets but I could only find it on american sites or shipped from America which had 5 weeks delivery time then who knows what Import taxes would be. I decided on the La De Dah album but not it's arrived it's too pretty to stick things in! I've done two pages so far and while I like them I'm not sure they fit my original vision (oh la de dah me with a vision) 

Also watching Shimelle's 3x4 cards each day makes me want to do an album with pockets. I will use this album but I'm thinking about buying a plainer refill pack to use on days when I want to cover the full pages.

How are you getting on with your #JYC2014? I'm planning to have a sort out tonight to get me planned upto date then actually scrap some of it into the La De Dah album. 

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