Laura Ashley Christmas Blogging Event

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In Mid December I was invited by Joe Blogs to attend a craft event run by Laura Ashley and the Ministry of Craft

I really love craft projects and in the past I have done quite a lot of crafty stuff. Not so much in recent years but I would really like to get back into it and one of my 2015 goals is to keep a scrap book in conjunction with my blog.

There were two activities planned. Sewing a present bag and making a gift box. 

I knew I wanted to sew first. I haven't been on a sewing machine for years. Other than threading the needle on my grans machine I haven't been near one. 

I did textiles GCSE (I got an E hmmmm) Ours was a bit of an odd GCSE course. Our teachers were doing their masters and had to embroider free hand on the machines so they had us doing the same. I sewed through my finger and spent 6 hours in casualty! Safe to say I didn't actually finish my exam piece and asked to be withdrawn from the exam but they wouldn't let me! 

My foe my folly! I did better than I expected, the machines they had us use were amazing. I really want a sewing machine of my very own. 

Our first task was to sew bunting on to the bag. I made a few mistakes and didn't line a couple of things up but I'm pretty happy with how I did. 

This is bad photo of how I did. I love the looks of concentration on the faces of everyone over the top of my machine. 

You can tell it was a blogger event we weren't allowed to eat until everyone had taken a photo of the food! This food was much needed, I hadn't eaten all day and by 3pm when we stopped for tea I was so hunrgy. The yorkshire puddings with beef and the mini cheese and onion tarts were amazing. I event text my friend saying we needed to put this on our list of places to have food in the new year! 

Our next activity was making gift boxes out of wall paper. This is such a simple Idea but it's really effective. 

The light was fading so we marked our cutting lines in pencil. Normally you can use follow the fold lines but we couldn't actually see them! 

Look I made a box base!!! I did plan to make some more of these for Christmas gift boxes but time ran away with me but Birthday presents etc watch this space. 

We also made bows. I really struggled with my folding on this nd one of them is totally wrong but I'm really impressed how well it looks on the photo. 

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  1. The stuff you made is so cute! And the food!! HAHA! It looks like you had a really great night! x

  2. Looks like a fab event. I haven't been near a sewing machine for years, my mum had an old fashioned singer one that I occasionally used but the modern ones scare me! I would love to be more crafty and events like this are great as you get the chance to have a go. xxx

  3. It was a lovely afternoon. they really looked after us and the food was fab x

  4. My gran has an old singer it's not one of the old black in a stand one but i'd say 60/70's and i loved it but it's so noisy these ones were so quiet and nice. Sadly I have no space for one.


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