My 2015 New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I can't promise to stick to these things but these are the resolutions I've decided to try and do this year.

  • Average 19 blog posts a month. This year it's been about 18 a month which isn't bad going really. 
  • Do not buy any more note pads. I have lots. I buy them because they are pretty but don't use them. I'm going to use them this year and try not to buy any more till I've used up what I've already got. 
  • Read more books. While I have read a lot this year. I haven't really recorded them on good reads. I have no idea what I have read this year other than the few i've reviewed on the blog. I'm going to aim to read more and record them on good reads
  • Wear more black - I really dislike black and tend to wear a lot of bright colours and patterns but I think 2015 might be time for a plainer more simple wardrobe. Who and I kidding I will still wear the bright colours but I think I want to wear more trousers and I think black tops will look bets with them. 
  • Attempt slimming world. I did so well a couple of years ago. I'm not going to a class but try and get into a better eating routine and up my water consumption. one day this week I had one drink and that was Ice Tea at 2pm and I didn't have anything else till 2am when I woke up with a raging thirst. I craved lettuce this week which I think is a sign I need to look at my eating habbits. I won't deprive myself of anything but cutting down on snacks and eating more fresh food. Taking my lunch to work rather than relying on Greggs to feed me will also help. 
  • Buy a new camera. I'm going to save up and get a decent one. I've seen 3 I want one is £200 and the other two are £400 which is way above my current spending power. If only I hadn't bought all that sale stuff I'd be well on my way to affording one. Thus also leads into my next resolution
  • I want to give Vlogging a go! I don't like my accent and I'm not sure I can bare to speak on camera but I love watching Vlogs and I've been itching to try it. 

2015 I'm ready for you!

PS These are starting 5th January as I'm away 2nd - 4th!!! 

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  1. I'm with you on the notebooks! I have way too many. xx

  2. I might have bought another one yesterday!


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