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Monday, December 22, 2014

I took part in a Secret Santa in a blogging group on FaceBook. We only had a £5 budget but my person did good. Really good. 

How pretty is the wrapping paper? I know a lot of people are waiting till Christmas day but for me the rules of secret santa dictate presents must be opened immediately. You can re-wrap the but I never do.

I don't know who my santa was but they have got me just right. I love stationery and personalised stuff is amazing.

When I was growing up I never found anything with my name on. My name isn't unusual or spelt in an unusual way but maybe because it's so long it was just never on anything. I think that's why I really get excited by personalised stuff.

The white chocolate snowman was also a lovely touch as well and didn't last very long.

A massive thank you Santa I love my gift.

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