November 2014 Empties

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Apologies for lighting. Winter is not my friend and I thought my new lamp might help but it's not great. 

Radox Original Bath Soak - I got this from Rebs in the September box swap and I initially said I wasn't keen on the smell and it smelt manly. When it hits the water it changes and it smells amazing. I loved using this. It's also really relaxing and I will be buying more of this.

Soap and Glory - Peaches and Clean. I'm really not a fan of this. I've used most of it but it's taken me almost a full year and that's been on and off. This is the second one I've had from the supersized Christmas sets and first time round it was great but then they've changed it to be new and improved. 

This time round it didn't seem to make me feel as clean and I felt like it left a layer of something on my skin. I did tend to use this as a make up removed wash then used a clear face wash to get clean. 

Herbal Essences Breakage Defender - I used one of these last month and it's amazing. Makes my hair feel really soft without being heavy. 

 Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub Another product I'm not keen on. It doesn't feel scrubby enough for my liking. I also wasn't keen on the stuff the grit is suspended in. It was all right nothing special. (It was very cheap on offer i'd say under £2) 

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar I can't get enough of this. the smell, the bubbles it's amazing. I got 3 baths out of this one. Last time I used it all in one bath as I was feeling extravagant.

I almost bought £30 worth of lush online last night but managed to close my browser!

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream I loved this and am considering buying a full sized one. It smells like holidays and makes my hands feel really soft. 

ELF Eye Primer I wasn't fond of this. I felt like it was too pale and not sure it helped the staying power of my eyeshaddow. 

Superdrug Deadsea Purryfying Mask I really should take pictures of masks before I use them. I love love this. I have bought about 6 of them. I find them better than masks in a tube. But if you can recommend a tube of mud mask please tell me. 

Superdrug Cleansing Facial Wipes These were ok. They did the job, they are better than some and fairly cheap from what I remember. I don't use wipes all that often and while I always have one or two packs in my empties posts. I am trying to use up stuff that I've got open. I tend to use these when I go on weekends away or to take off makeup after a night out before I wash my face (or on their own when i'm feeling lazy)

Barbaria Facial Wipes You might recognise this brand from my Holidays empties post when I used the suncream. These are by far the best face wipes I've ever used. They make my face feel really clean. The towels are really soft and if I've used them n their own my face doesn't feel tight. Sadly  think you can only buy them in Spain (we've only ever got them from the canaries)

Aldi Mamia Sensitive wipes These are great as baby wipes go. They smell fab and apart from the sheep motif embossed on them. These have lived in my drawer at work and have just been in general use for a bit of everything.

Superdrug Cotton Wool I really like these. They have a slight texture to one side and I will be buying more of these (confession I still have some left but I have a cotton wool holder so I shoved the packet in the empties box)

Prodigy Hair dye The last time I dyed my hair I used one of these in a blonde but I was getting bored of blondeish hair do decided to go brown and despite my hair being a reverse Ombré look it's covered it really well.

I will be staying dark for the coming months. I might start going lighter again in Spring.

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