Sales Haul Part 2

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I really shouldn't be allowed out! Going to the shops seems to be dangerous to my purse!

So I went to the shops again and taken pictures of some of the things I missed from my last post. 

Home Bargains

 This isn't a sale buy but wanted to share. Muslin clothes for about 70p in Home Bargains. I have about three of these already but as you're meant to use a clean one daily I thought I'd grab a couple more.

 Plastic tub, I've bought 8 of these this week. My mum is using some downstairs and i've got a couple on my shelves with beauty products in. I can fit three on my shelves. I already had one very similar from Ikea and these were only £1.99 from home bargains. They have pet caddy on the label. I found some in the home aisle of one home bargains and the others in the pet aisle of another home bargains.


Socks for £2! I got my mum this same set for Christmas and she said they were really comfy so thought I'd get myself some. 

ASDA Living

I went a little bit shopping happy and only spent about £25 so I don't feel too bad. 

Three Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream sets for £3 each! We cleared them out buying 6 boxes in total. I've had a quick google and they are approx £7.50 a tube each to buy separately. So I can justify buying three boxes.  

 I've heard such good things about NSpa products and I really want most of the cleansing range. This set was £2.50. I have so much hand cream already but I go through a tube every other week roughly so I can justify buying it.

 After saying we didn't need any more make up bags and getting those from boots I really shouldn't have bought this this but it was £2.50 and came with more hand cream, a bath fizz, body cream and shower gel. It's also very pretty.

 A stool for £4. This seems quite sturdy and I have a little sit test in the middle of the store. I got this for my blogging corner once I've tidied up. I don't have room for a chair but if this doesn't work it was only £4 and will be a replacement for the old Ikea buffet we use as a hair dying chair.

 Tunic top. This could do with being a size bigger. It might be going back but it was only £5.

 Another tunic top. I wasn't sure about this when my mum found it and handed it to me but I really like it on. It was also only £8

These are the harem trousers I mentioned in my last post. I do quite like them and they are not huge on the thighs. They are also really soft and have pockets.

I really have to stop spending stuff. I have a jumper to take back to peacocks but that is only £5 so that's not really going to restore the balance.

What's your best sales bargain so far?

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