What I got for Christmas 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I feel like I'm one of the last to do this kind of post but I thought I'd share what my mum (and dad)  got me for Christmas 2014.

As with everyone else I'm not doing this to show off or brag. Just sharing what I got. I hope everyone had the best Christmas they were able to have.

Eyelash Cardie from Tesco. I've wanted one for ages but my mum hates them and said they will shed on her carpet but she got me one and after wearing it for a few days she really likes it!

Navy Top Tesco - I have two of these already in black and berry  that I love so it's great to have another one. 

Pink Cardie from Select. I was a bit shocked by this because I never thought I'd fit anything from select then my mum confessed she'd bought this for herself. Ripped the tag off before she'd tried it on and it was too big! either way I love it.

Green top from tesco. This is a bit differnt and not something I'd pick myself but it will look good with my jeans

Grey Jumper Asda. Again this isn't something I'd buy as I get really hot and it's very thick but It will be good for cold winter days.

I think this is techically from my Gran but I know my mum bought it and wrapped it. Just a plain black jumper. I have said I want to wear more black in 2015 so it will be ideal.

Kimono from TK Maxx. Again this is from my Gran but my mum choose it.

Christmas PJ's these were my Christmas Day PJs.

The softest socks ever. As you can see i've been wearing these before I remembered to take a photo.

A cute bag. I'm not sure if this is a bad, purse of makeup bag, I love it either way.

This is my favourite present and sadly a really blury picture. This has a lot of meaning for me and That sounds odd for some makeup but when the Chubby Sticks advert ws on TV and the cat was alive she loved it. all the swirling images. She had more of a reaction to them than the TV programmes made for cats. We always joked she wanted a chubby stick and now I got some as  gift.

Hand a nail set - I've said it a million times but the amount of hand cream I go through this is a very welcome gift. I love the paper soap. They are going in my handbag in case i'm out and about and there is no hand soap.

I can't remember what brand this is but I think it's similar to MUA (I really hope i'm not wrong and it was expensive!!) I love these types of colours and it has a little mirror in the lid.

Hat, Glove and mittens in red. These are so cosy and warm. I also got a plain black hat and a cat with mustashes scarf

Three books - I did say I wanted to read more in 2015.

A Diary. This is so cute. it's from Tesco the only thing with it is it makes a funny noise when you turn the pages. very odd!

My Chrsitmas eve PJ's these have been worn a lot and already been washed once. They are very festive but not very wintery and they come with a vest top. They are from New Look and very comfy.

Primark earrings.
Blue and white striped top from Primark. This is so comfy I had to rescue it from the washing basket for the photo. Its nice and thin but still warm.

Wool coat. I've actually had this for a couple of weeks. It was a bargain £20. I didn't know if I was buying it for a christmas present or if she'd bought it but I was paying for it. It's from Tesco and my local store still had some in yesterday.

Mini skirt form Tesco. I love the colours. I think with a black top, tights and boots this will look good in winter as well as wearing in summer 

I did get a couple of other bits as we do after dinner gifts.

From my mum I got another hand cream set
My Gran (dad's mum) Welly Socks
Mar (Mum's mum) a Tube of smarties

I don't know about your family but we tend to leave tags and prices on things. It's been a thing since one year my mum had got me loads of stuff but it was all reduced stuff from New Look and I was more impressed with the bargains than the items themselves. (Things £2 instead if £15 for example) and she couldn't understand how I knew the prices. She'd asked my gran to wrap some things and she'd not thought to remove the prices. Ever since then we rarely bother to take tags off. (If you wondered why everything still had a tag) 

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