You Beauty Discovery Box 3 third and final box

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I said I'd stick out to a third box and I have done but I'm still disappointed. Not so much with the products as I picked them and I choose things that I knew I liked and would use.

It's billed as try new things before they hit the shops. I almost a full way through a full size of the London CoLab and I've had this Wilkinson Sword razor before. Maybe not this flavour but this type of razor. 

I also didn't get one of my extra's which is the only one I was looking forward to! The Chocolate bear. The other extra's are samples of foot cream and body cream. I don't even want to tell you about them. 

I feel like I should find a positive but I can't I'm disappointed and it makes me sad. 

The other thing is when I was googling to see how much these Items cost I noticed that rge CoLad and the Wilkinson Sword razor are on offer and I could have got these from Boots and Superdrug for under £5 total. Double sads!

Oh well the positive this box if only £7. I do like that you can pick your own items (2 a month) but I've cancelled my subscription. Maybe I'll got back to it later next year. 

 I really don't need any more beauty products and it seems silly to spend money on something that has riled me for 3 months! 

I have a few more boxes that I'll be discussing over the next week or so with a couple more in the post! 

Which boxes do you subscribe to? 

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