50 Books in 2015 - Books 1 - 5

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I've set myself a goal of reading 50 books in 2015. I'm planning on using good reads to update and I'm not 100% sure how you add friends on their but this is the link to my Profile so you might be able to add me if you want to.

Why 50 books?

It seems like a nice round number and for me I think it's an achievable number.

I know some people will be thinking wow that's a lot and others will be only 50? This is my number.

I don't know how many books I read last year as I only recorded 4 books on my good reads account but I read at least 5 on holiday and I tend to read on the bus too and from work so 50 averages out at 4 a month.

Books so far:

Book 1

A Week in Paris - Rachel Hore

This was a Christmas present from my mum and I really enjoyed this book. I have read a couple of other books my the same author and liked them as well.

I'm going to do a couple of full book reviews a month but I'm not sure what books will be reviewed as yet.

A quick synopsis of this book is:

A school girl is reluctantly allowed by her mum on a school holiday to Paris where a series of events make her feel like she has been their before.

5 years later she has a chance to go back for work, in the mean time her mum takes an overdose and is in hospital she tells her daughter to get something from her house before she goes to Paris which will answer some questions.

The trip is split into the past and "present" (It's set in the 50's)

I'm not always keen on books that jump between time lines although I do read a lot of them but I really enjoyed this book.

We learn about why the main character feels Paris is familiar and what her and her family's life was like during the war.

Book 2

Summer at the lake - Erica James

A beautifully written book that feel like it's more than a chick lit novel. I read this on my mums recommendation. It did have the hall marks of a chick lit book but it was a little bit more polished. 

It's centred around Floriana a tour guide from Oxford when she is knocked over on her way home from work she makes friends with her rescuers. A guy who has just been dumped and a pensioner. 

There are a few coincidences which actually make a really sweet twist to the story. The guy is a property developer who just happens to have bought a house next door to the pensioner. (This isn't really a spoiler) and I sound like I didn't like this but I didn't actually mine this. 

Again it is another book that has split time periods but again I didn't mind this (Maybe I actually like these kinds of books. I read enough of them) 

Book 3

Girl Online - Zoe Sugg

I enjoyed this book on balance, whether it was written by Zoe or a ghost written I liked it and I like Zoe.

I'm hoping to review two books a month. One near the begging and one at towards the end of the month and I've reviewed this one. You can read that review here

If you like Young Adult Literature or if you are a Young Adult I'd say give it ago. 

Book 4

Hiraeth a mark - marc - Liz Riley Jones  

I don't want to talk too much about this one here as I'm planning a full review on it next Thursday. I did receive this for review and it took me about 2 weeks to get past page 5 but it was worth the perseverance. (it wasn't the book is was me I was in Christmas holiday mode) 

It's set in Wales and is a love story, an adventure story, with some mythology and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait for part two. 

Book 5

The Black Ice - Michael Connelly

This is a bit of a cheat but as I only had a couple of chapters left but as I finished it in 2015 I'm claiming it as a read in 2015.  

I didn't enjoy this as much as his other books. Harry Bosh annoyed me in this. Maybe I've read too many of his books. 

I imagine him to be somewhere between Kojak and Columbo with a bit of DVD from Diagnosis Murder. He's too clever for his own good and has the shittest luck in the world whist having the best luck in the world. 

I'm being a bit hard on this. It wasn't bad but I think I'm giving myself a break from crime books with an on going character.  

I've joined a book reading group on Facebook which seems pretty cool and I think seeing updates will keep me motivated to read and record my books.

Through that group I've found out about a reading challenge. 26 books in 2015 This seems like a cool idea as it doesn't tell you what book to read but is a promps list for example:

A book with a blue cover

A book of poems. 

A book from the Library (this might be problematic as I have a phobia ever since they knocked on the door asking for a book back - are they going to fine me for over due books. I might go and sit in the library and read one there. Disguise needed) 

I've only just found out about this yet and I haven't decided if I'm going to incorporate in to these update. Keep it separate. I might have it as a note on facebook or even just have it in a google drive spreadsheet. 

Looking at the 5 books I've read so far they could cover many of the prompts so I might list things against a couple of categorises then at the end of the year I can make sure everything is matched up? 

Have you got any ideas how I can do it? What do you want to see?

What book are you currently reading? Also what do you use as a bookmark?

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  1. I think I set myself the goal of 25 books will check I have read 3 so far, The worst girlfriend in the world by Sarra Manning, I love her YA stuff and this didn't disapoint me. The third wife by Lisa Jewell doing a book review on this soon and The Perfume Collector by Katherine Tesaro I loved it, lots of twists and turns although the link between the two female protagonists was easy to guess

  2. I want to read more YA this year. I have 2 in the pile to be read. I love Lisa Jewll books but not sure if i've read the third wife. I've heard of it but need to look it up. The Rachel Hore book was great I've read a couple of hers and have another in my to be read pile. I agree about Erica James being hit and miss. I reallu liked this one but it's been a long time since i've read any of her books.

    I've been struggling to pick up a book for my 7th book but started reading the Understudy by David Nicholl today and while i'm only on page 64 I'm enjoying it x


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