Beauty UK Posh Palette No 1 Eden

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I thought I'd share one of my Christmas presents with you today. Beauty UK Are not a brand I've come across before and I'm not sure where this was purchased but google reveals you can get them in Superdrug.

I tend to stick to neutral colours so this palette is perfect for me. There is also a mix of Matts and shimmery shades.

I think over time I will use most of these shades. I took it to Blackpool with me and used it day and evening which to me is always handy. There is also a thin mirror in the lid which came in handy.

I've never really swatched before and I'm not sure of the best places to do it. The pigmentation seems to be quite good and they lasted well on my skin without an eye primer.

Have you ever tried anything from Beauty UK? What other items should I look out for?

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  1. Those shades are gorgeous!! Love your swatch pics too - I can never do them properly!!


  2. This is really such a gorgeous palette! I am a big fan of more neutral colours when it comes to eyeshadow :)

  3. Looks interesting, I'll give my local Superdrug a look.... I need to update my make up bag desperately! x


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