Boots 70% Sales Haul

Friday, January 23, 2015

I've waiting for the 70% off event at Boots ever since they started marking things down. I didn't need anything or particularly want anything so I just nipped into the small boots in Manchester city centre.

I was surprised to see they had quite a lot left not much variety but plenty of boxes of what they did have.

I got the Sanctuary box which was originally £45.00 and I paid £13.50. This has lots of things in. 

I've previously used some sanctuary spa scrub that I bought from latest in beauty. This box has so many things I'm not sure what to try first. 

It contains:

Body Butter
Hand Cream
Foot Cream
Body wash
Bath cream
Body Scrub
 Body lotion
Shower gel

I also got a small Soap and Glory set. I decided against the big set this year. I've had one for the past few years and I never use everything.

This was originally £16 and I paid £4.80. Again I haven't tried this but I love citrus scents so I'm hoping I'll love this.

I have have a sniff and the fragrance and to me it smells like orange tic tacs which I hate. This has really put me off smelling and trying anything else.

Has anyone tried this? Please reassure me it's nice.

In my local boots this weekend I got one of the Balm lip balms  It's Coconut and I love it. It came in a cute bauble. I paid £1.50 instead of £5.00 (Full price with the Christmas bauble is £4.99 at boots)

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  1. I can't believe I have never known about this. I'd have made a killing over the years with presents for teenage girls! And maybe a bit for myself too....
    I can't help you with the tic tac soap - we didn't have the Soap And Glory ourselves this year :)

  2. You can get some great bargains. Some years it's total rubbish but most years I've got some good bits.

    if there is any must haves I'd buy then in the 50% off sale but if i don't need anything I wait then buy loads of other random stuff

  3. Wow amazing bargains! there is nothing much left in our Boots just Jack Willis stuff which isn't really me :( but then I live in a small town maybe Canterbury store would be better

  4. I was quite lucky in my finds. The big stuff is from a tiny boots in Manchester city centre. In my local store which isn't massive but bigish they only really had one director stuff with a couple of the lip balms x

  5. You have such a good eye for a bargain I never knew that Boots did this I must remember for the future! xx

  6. They do it every year. I seems quite late this year but i might have just been impatient


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