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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I will freely admit I have way too many clothes and while I own a lot of shoes I don't have many I can walk in or are weather appropriate.

Clarks isn't a shop I actively go into looking for shoes. I struggle with Clarks shoes normally as the standard fitting is too narrow and while the wide fit is good width wise 6.5 are far too small and 7s far too big. I go in with my mum on occasion or as a last resort but I've been really lucky the past few weeks and found shoes I like and that fit.

When I was in Blackpool I spotted these high top boots for £15. I was really unsure as they looked dirty. My mum has some similar in Navy but they are slightly different and clean looking. I decided for £15 I wouldn't mind ruining them in the rain as they are suede and they didn't need breaking in as they were already dirty looking.

They are really comfy and I really like them with my jeans.

Boots are something I go through at an alarming rate. It doesn't matter if I pay £50 or £9 they seem to last the same amount of time.

The boots I had been wearing I got in November or December and were breaking up. I nipped into my local Clarks to see what they had in. I tried a few pairs on before I tried this pair. They are a 7.5 which is why I dismissed trying them on but they had been marked down to £23.99 from £59.99. I really this the style. The toe isn't too pointy or square.

I haven't worn them yet as the snow came and I don't think they'd do too well in  snow and I didn't want to ruin the beautiful soft leather.

I just need some new work shoes now and I'm all set for the next couple of month.

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