Collection Lengthening Mascara

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I received this Collection Mascara in one of the December beauty boxes and my initial reaction was another mascara and one that I can buy for under £4.

As I my favourite recent mascara had run dry I decided to try this and I'm really pleasantly surprised.

Most of the mascara's I've got (and I have a lot) are better for nights out as they give a more dramatic effect. 

I haven't been a massive fan of plastic brushes I prefer a big chunky fibre brush. 

This is a really true black colour on me. I do have very dark eye lashes any way. 

I like the thin wand it means I can get really close to the last line and it do have a slight lengthening effect and curls my lashes well. 

It is quite a wet formula but I think after a week or two of use it will start to dry out and be easier to control. I'm really messy and do always get it on my eyelid every day without fail. 

For a mascara that cost around £4 (and will almost always be on 3 4 2) it's worth a try for an every day Mascara.

I decided to take some pictures of me wearing it to give you an idea of how it looks on and I'm quite shocked and the length it does give.

 Looking at this picture I'm more and more impressed with it. I didn't really see the difference on myself till I did the with / without photo

I think it's a good day time mascara it does lengthen my lashes but doesn't look too over done for work.

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  1. Looks like a great mascara! I'm really liking No7 mascara at the moment :)

  2. Wow, that's some lengthening power for a £4 mascara. Mind you cost isn't everything and how nice to be surprixed by good quality instead of bad x

  3. Pretty impressive for just a few pounds! I spend ages trying to work out which mascara is going to be the best value for money (and doesn't clump) so this looks like a good buy!

  4. WOW! I love the picture with mascara half on… What a difference! I love a good mascara as it means you don't really need much else on, especially in the day!! I'll have to try this.. xx
    Holly x

  5. great shots of the mascara effects , will be taking a look at this if i ever need to top mine up x

  6. yeah I agree completely. Think I'm going to try there concealer next but going to have a peruse next time I get to a superdrug. (Payday tomorrow)

  7. I'm looking forward to trying more from them. Payday tomorrow I might have to have a cheeky trip to superdrug in the morning x


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