Empties - January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

I think I said this on Twitter the other day but when I started doing empties posts I expected to post quarterly but every month I seem to have a box full. I started off using an old make up bag to keep things in but soon upgraded to a shoe box

Bath Products

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Mallows

I have got pictures of the products somewhere and I will be doing a Bomb Cosmetics Haul soon.

The Mallows I used were Button Moon and Lemon Express. I'd initially got these as stocking fillers for Christmas Presents but I ended up keeping these back for myself. I'm so glad I did as I loved them and really impressed. I paid about £2.20 each for them and while they are quite small they pack a punch.

They smelt amazing and left my skin feeling really soft. I used to have bad reactions from powdery bath products and was worried these might be the same for the cheap price. My skin hasn't reacted and I haven't felt itchy (Yay)

They have a creamy coating protecting the powder and they break up really well in the bath. I still had to scoop through the water and crumble the last bits of product.

The Lemon one has little gold stars that don't dissolve and I didn't like floaty bits in my bath. However saying this they didn't bother me as much as some other products I've tried.

This hasn't stopped me form buying 8 more (ops - They were half price)

Champneys Spa Indulgence Distance Shores Bubble Heaven

I've mainly been using this as a shower gel (You know that reading the label thing I struggled with last month? Well I still haven't mastered it) As a shower gel it's pretty nice but a bit too thick. The smell lasts and my skin feels soft. As a bath foam I found the smell so went and didn't linger on my skin. However the bathroom still smelt of it quite a while later.

This was a boots sale buy and I'm happy I got the set and looking forward to trying the others in the set. I won't be rushing out to find a big bottle of this but nice enough.

Lush Snow Fairy

I adore this product and regret not buying the biggest bottle. I do think it's expensive and this didn't last me as long as I expected but I did enjoy using it.

I will be buying it again next year.

Wilkinson Sword Razor

I got this in a You Beauty box and it was an item I choose myself. It was billed as an item you've not had before. I don't know if it was a new flavour or what but I've had this before I'm sure I am.

It's a good concept but for me it's not the greatest. I find that if I don't lather properly the razor gets stuck (TMI sorry)

It's a good idea for travel if you don't want to take razor and shaving gel. I don't think I'll be rebuying this any time soon. Never say never though.

Face Products

Body Care 4 in 1 wipes 

I got these as an emergency purchase in Blackpool and they were ok. Cheap and cheerful. They seemed to get make up off really well but when I washed my face in the shower with a muslin cloth it was a bit like the Turin Shroud!

I would buy these again I think as they are good value but think there are better (and worse) out there.

Tesco Cotton Wool Pads (I use them on my face hence they are in the face products section)

These were fine. No issue with them, not a great deal to say about them.

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream

Another sample from a beauty box. On one hand I love this, on the other I hated it. I did use it all up but the smell. It smells a bit like spent matches but worse. It made my skin feel amazing but I wouldn't rebuy this because I hated the smell. I also found the smell lingered and I could smell it on and off all day.

Nuxe Masque Créme Fraíche 

I was excited to receive this in a beauty box. My skin is dry and oily. I spoke to a make up artist and they said my skin sounds dehydrated.

I liked this but found my forehead going flaky. I read a review on XL Leah's blog and after I commented she said it says on the back to rub in after 10 mins or use toner to wipe off the excess. (Another failure to read labels. This should have been a new years resolution)

I think I had read this but because I felt the cream had soaked in I didn't think there was any excess to wipe off.

The next couple of times I used it I used some micelor water once it had all soaked in and found a much better result.

I have looked to purchase this but at £18.50 / 50ml I'm not sure I want to spend that much. It's very much on my wish list and a possible future purchase.

Hand Cream

L'Occitane Hand Cream Zesty Lime

I've raved about L'Occitane hand creams in the past and when this was a free gift with a magazine I grabbed it.

This has to be the least favourite of all the hand creams I've tried. The smell is very strong and it lives up to it's name zesty by name. I get bored of smells easily and after a while they leave me feeling queasy and this is one of them. I kept alternating it with others. I managed to finish the tube but I won't be buying it again.

It doesn't put me off buying other flavours of this but this one isn't for me.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Hand Treatment

This may be my hand cream of the year so far (Okay, Okay I know it's only January) This has a slightly medicinal smell. Not as powerful smelling as the original eight hour cream and it's a white cream.

It really makes my hands feel soft and I felt like I didn't need to use as much as with other hand creams. It soaks in quickly and I didn't feel like the smell lingers.

I got this in a set from ASDA and this tube only cost me £1.50. I would be very tempted to rebuy this even at the full price.

I have two more tubes and I'm trying to use other hand creams as I have got lots but I'm itching (Not eternally thank goodness) to start another tube of it.

Hair Products 

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash 

Another beauty box, another dry shampoo. I really liked this. I felt like my hair had more of a clean just washed look to it than with other dry shampoo's even on day two.

The only problem I found was I used it up really quickly. 2 or three uses. For cost Vs uses I think I'll be sticking with cheaper brands for now but if I saw this in offer I'd be very tempted to get some.

Nice'n Easy Perfect 10 Medium Brown

In an attempt to get my hair back to one colour I decided to try this, I've used it before and I like it because it works well in 10 minuets.

The only problem this time is my mum seems to have missed a patch and it feels like it's faded reall quickly this time.

I have bought this a few times before and I will it again.


Mitchum 48 hour Powder Fresh 

I seem to keep re-buying this. It's the second one I've used up and I'm on my third one. I like it and I really want to try the unperfumed but I'm scared it won't work the same.

Maybe next month I'll pluck up the courage.

Make Up

Balmi Lip Balm - Raspberry

I bought this as I was curious by the packaging and it was on offer in Tesco. I have mixed emotions about this. It took mixed emotions about this. It took me ages to work out how to open it (You twist it)

The lid broke on me after about 4 uses. one of the sides cracked. It kept coming open in my bag an was covered in fluff 99% of the time,

I liked the flavour, smell and texture. I have used use a lot of it but I got sick of picking fluff of it.

I have repurchsed another one of these from the Boots sale and I'm trying to be more careful with the next one.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

This isn't empty not even close but it's going. I've had it over a year and I don't like it. I think it was in a set when you bought / spent so much L'Oreal you got a box of treats.

I did use this a few times on nights out and I think if it didn't have the glitter (sorry Diamantissime flecks) it could be a really nice mascara. I found myself taking it out to use. Sighing and putting it back. A sure sign I'm not fond of a product.

Barry M Lash Vegas

This is very similar to the above in that I've had it for over a year and hardly used it. This was in a goodie bag from an event and I just couldn't get on with it. The wand is oddly shaped and I felt it was flaky and messy to use. Maybe I got a bad one but it hasn't encouraged me to try it again.

 Have you tried any of these products? How has your experience been compared to mine? 

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  1. You didn't get a bad one with the Barry M, it's a horrible mascara!

  2. Thats good to know. I never really look past the nail polishes in Barry M and probably won't ever. x


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