Events in 2015 - Style XL update

Sunday, January 18, 2015

You might remember I mentioned the Style XL post i did a little while ago. I wanted to give you a little update as the venue has changed

I'm really looking forward to this event, as a couple of other events that were in the pipeline have been cancelled or postponed and this is one of the main events I'm planning to go to this year.

Not only is it a chance to meet up with friends, other like minded people and meet new people.

It should be a good chance to see what will be about next season and being in Birmingham it will be pretty accessible travel wise for most people.

The venue has changed to the Paragon Hotel which I believe is just outside the city centre but only a short walk.

I'm going to stay over as well (not sure if i'll stay at the venue or in the city centre) I love staying in hotels.

I also have a very special code for those of you who haven't got your tickets yet and missed out on the early bird rate.

Use code SCSSB15 for a weekend ticket for £15 instead of the usual £20
I'm so sad that I missed the event last year but it makes me more excited to go this year.

Did you go last year? Are you going this year? Let me know

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  1. I wish I had gone last year but it was such a long way from where I was living. I wasn't originally going but now The Big Weekend is cancelled think I will definitely go am hoping to try and get The Hub to enter to be a model so he can come too, but have a feeling it will be little old me on my Jack Jones x

  2. I really wanted to go last year as well but the cost of travel was too much for me.

    I hope you can make this it will be good to meet you x

  3. Where are you? It would have been lovely to met you. hopefully there will be other chances x

  4. I am in Dover Kent, right on the coast... maybe l will try and sort something out x


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