Face of the day - Evening look

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I haven't done one of these for a while. This is the make up I wore last Friday night.

Primer - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Foundation - Essence Soft Touch Mousse
Powder - Essence 
Bronzer - Essence Sun Club 
Highlighter - Essence Hello Autumn
Eye Brows - So Susan
Eyeliner - Essence Kajal Pencil
Eye shadow - Beauty UK Posh Palette 
Mascara - Max Factor 
Lips- Chubby Stick (I used a different colour than picture) 

 I really like how this look turned out, I buy so much make up but I don't really use it to it's full potential and I'm going to try and get better with it and wear it more. I have been using it more in the past year.

I still have a it of the fear that people will think it's odd that i'm wearing make up when I rarely do but I really need to just please myself. I'm not answerable to anyone when it comes to what I wear or why I wear it so I need to get over that fear.

Would you like to see individual product reviews for any of these items? 

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