Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The first weekend of the year started with a trip to the seaside and I spent the weekend in Blackpool with my mum. 

We stayed at the Metropole which is right on the Prom next to the North Pier and being honest the reviews on Trip Advisor are awful truly terrible but for the price we paid we decided to give it a try. It was £98 for two nights for two people including Breakfast. 

Our room was at the back over looking the road and I can imagine in summer it could be noisy with a couple of bars across the road and the trams stop right outside. 

Our room was really nice and looked like it had recently been refurbished and while small it had everything including a plug next to a mirror and an overhead light (So rare in so many hotels) 

I know some people who give blackpool a bad rap and is very popular with Stag and Hen do's but I really enjoy going and we don't have crazy nights out.

I also think Blackpool is great for shopping. I always find some bargains. I'm hoping to do a Blackpool Haul in the coming week. 

We arrived about 12, checked in although we couldn't get into the room till 3pm we were able to leave out cases and we went for some lunch and a mooch round the shops. 

In the evening we went to Spoons and drank lots of cava as you can tell from the picture below! 

Saturday we were up early for breakfast. This has mixed reviews from us.  It's a buffet and while there was plenty of choice the sausages tasted slightly oniony but the eggs, bacon and fried bread went down a treat. There is also unlimited toast which was a mix of very crunch and a bit soggy. I quite like my toast like that  but it might not be for everyone.

We then set off to Freeport Shopping Village on the tram. It was a strange weather day, we got drenched and it felt like it was never going to be day light to being a lovely and sunny afternoon.

The picture above was taken about 12pm and makes it look lighter than it actually was.

After Freeport we jumped on the bus to Cleveleys and saw a man walking a ferret on a lead! Honestly it made my day. I really wanted to follow them but my mum wouldn't let me.

I also wanted share some of my favourite pictures from the weekend. I think they have made a cracking effort cleaning up the prom. Yes there are some scruffy area's and run down buildings but the part they have redeveloped are really lovely.

The comedy carpet is one of my favourite places. I still don't think i've read everything that is on there.

I took my mums good camera after carrying it round all day I'd put it back in the room so these are with my crappy cannon which is really noisy in pictures but I think it's done me proud.

I have never been up Blackpool Tower, I'm not sure if I ever will but I'm obsessed with talking photo's of it.
I also love the paddles, It was so windy that we didn't walk the full length of the prom this time.

We had a great weekend overall and had a cheeky Nandos on Saturday night followed by an early night.

Have you been to Blackpool recently? Where is your favourite place to have a UK break? 

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  1. Great photos :-) I'm going to Blackpool with my mother in May for a weekend break - we're planning on going up the Tower hopefully! Eek!

  2. I haven't been to Blackpool for years, but I really want to take Oliver as he loves the seaside. I love the comedy carpet and its nice to see that they are trying to clean it up. Blackpool has suffered over the years which is a shame, but we do seem to be awful at looking after our seaside towns. After seeing your photos (which are fab by the way) I am determined to try and go again! x

  3. Lovely post, I live near cleveleys and love reading other peoples thoughts on the area, the man with the ferret on the lead is almost always there! Have you been to Stanley park in Blackpool? Its such a lovely place to go in the summer, you can hire boats out and have walks round the gardens! Houndshill is a brilliant place to find bargains, I will have to keep an eye out for your post about it!

    Gemma xx

  4. You'll have a great time. I do love Blackpool. It gets a bit of a bad rap at times but there are some gems of a place.

    Enjoy going up the tower. I would like to go up but not sure i'm brave enough. I've been up the sydney tower and the Berlin Tower but somehow they seem safer. I also don't like the idea of that glass platform at the top of the tower!

  5. Oh yeah you should take him. I does have some really nice parts to it.

    I'd recommend staying somewhere with a pool as we did a lot of walking and really could have done with a dip to unwind (we only had a shower in our room which isn't the most relaxing)


  6. Knowing the guy and the ferret is always there makes me so happy. The ferret really didn't want to walk.

    TBH we usually just go shopping when we're in Blackpool.

    We did go to Lytham Proms about 3 years ago which was really good fun.

    My Best bargains were from M&Co in Clevely's the one that is closing down. They have some great bargains. x


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