OOTD - Bargain ASDA Dress

Monday, January 26, 2015

When I bought this dress from ASDA in the sale between Christmas and New Year there was only one thing I really liked about it. The price. It had been reduced to £5.00. 

It was too high neck for me, it was a bit too small and I wasn't sure about the shape of it. Still I kept it, it was only a fiver.

I was going to take it back but I kept forgetting. I tried it on last week and it fitted a lot better. I really like the print and the fabric is a bit unusual. It's not scuba but it's along those lines.

The high neck was a bit irritating and I kept finding myself putting my chin inside my neck as I was sat at my desk to give me bit of extra space. 

I've got a real thing for dresses with sleeves that coved up to the elbow (is there a name for this length? half sleeve? one third?) 

What do you think of these bargains? What length would you say these sleeves are? 

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  1. Love this dress and what a bargain!! It really suits you. I always think of those sleeves as elbow length if that is even a thing!!! x

  2. Elbow length, why didn't I think of that. It's a really good description xxx


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