OOTD - My Christmas Coat

Monday, January 19, 2015

In my bid to do more OOTD posts. I one need to be more organised and two really need more daylight and better weather! 

 I wanted to show you the coat I got for Christmas. I really struggle getting coats that suit me. I think because I'm more belly that anything else I distort the shape of coats as I have to size up so they are too big on the shoulders but then don't hang right at the front.

The coat is from Tesco and I think she paid £20 and it's a size 24. The label has a reduced sticker saying £25 but I'm sure she had a voucher for £5 off. (You might think it's odd I know how much my present was / we leave label on presents. It's a bit of a running joke / me and La Mama thing) 

They did still have these on the sale rail of my local store last week.

I'd been looking at the coat for a while but had just bought the black one from New Look and couldn't justify another coat especially one that had only one button, no hood and wouldn't be waterproof. I'm also pretty messy and clumsy so  light colour is usually a no no for me.

I like the detail on the cuffs and it's really warm and thick. It does make me feel like an extra from Good Night Mr Tom and feel it's a little bit 1930's but not the cool side.

I also wish it was a little bit longer. I don't know why as it's a pretty standard coat length but I feel it would look better longer. 

My dress is one of bargains when I went to Blackpool at he beginning of the year. It's from M&Co and I can't remember how much I paid bit it was in the sale then as the shop was closing down it had an extra 20% off and I got two dress for £15.20 instead of £61. It's a size 20 from their main range.  I think a 22 would have been better but as it was in the sale it's all they had left. The dress is really nice jersey but it is a bit on the thin side and it redeems itself but having pockets. 

My mum has a lot of things from M&Co but it's not somewhere I ever think to look.I think it's because we've never had a local store and while my mum shops there I never thought I'd fit into their clothes. 

I didn't realise is that most of their main range goes up to a size 22 and they have a plus size range that goes up to a size 30. It seems to be aimed at the more mature market but there are some gems to be had. 

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  1. That's a lovely coat. It reminds me a bit of a grey boyfriend coat I have from New Look. xx

  2. I think it is meant to be a boyfriend coat and I do like it just makes me feel a bit old xxx


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